Sandals Foundation Welcome Party

11 Ways to Help Save Our Oceans with the Sandals Foundation

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After an absolutely insane year of change and strife, I vowed not to get involved in tons of new projects. The plan was to step back, regroup and heal. But I can’t, because every amazing initiative by the Sandals Foundation stops me in my tracks. Even browsing the website grounds me, seeing ways the Foundation helps so many other people, animals and our environment.

A Focus on the Environment

Currently celebrating their 10th anniversary, they ‘Face the Caribbean’ – a sea filled with life that is on the brink of catastrophe. They have set out to tackle one of the foremost issues on the planet. Coral is being destroyed by microplastics, Lionfish are feasting on reefs and global warming warms the waters. Our coral and vegetation are dying, and marine life follows quickly. Let’s all help, even in tiny ways that make a huge difference. 

100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days: A Social Experiment in Positivity

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There’s a lot of unhappy going on out there. Buzz words that conjure the worst viral stories and make our hearts drop into the pits of our stomachs. Words that lose all authentic meaning in the moment and become emblems of pure emotion, driving parents to despair. A once normal word like ‘gorilla’ triggers conflicting feelings of anger and hopelessness. Add ‘anti-vax’, ‘forward-facing’, and ‘breastfed‘ to the list and you’re sunk; it’s evolving and eternal. And it’s also true—these things do happen and they’re awful, but reading about them on Facebook every day doesn’t empower us, it drowns us. Sure we’re drawn to the heavy, but shouldn’t we also celebrate the light? 100 happy days was my shift in focus, my commitment to happy—and it can be yours too.

Dont let pigeon drive bus pumpkin

Literary Pumpkins for Halloween

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One of my boys is not a natural reader, so I go to (extreme) lengths to inspire excitement. Literary pumpkins for Halloween are a great way to do this. These ideas aren’t easy, but they sure are fun!! The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle is a beloved children’s book and the corresponding literary pumpkin makes for a great activity to do with your little ones. The Pigeon who drives the bus has inspired a series of epic books by Mo Willems. Lastly, crayons. The melted crayon pumpkin is a great way to use your broken pieces!

Positano Pom Pom Pumpkin

Ghoul-orious Painted Pumpkins for Halloween

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The past couple of years I have worked hard in my studio to create painted pumpkins for Halloween to feature on morning TV. And I never compiled them all into one post! There are so many ways to paint, and new products in art and dollar stores make the job pretty simple, albeit sometimes messy! (You can just be a painter as a costume). Whether you are going for stylish painted pumpkins or using the activity to help your toddler express their creativity, I like painting pumpkins much better than carving. (Though you don’t get to roast the seeds afterwards). Be careful, also, not to throw your painted pumpkins into the compost or recycling bin, depending on what products you use on them. 

Seniors Photo Collage

Raising Awareness for National Seniors Day

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Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Sanofi Pasteur for National Seniors Day at the Richmond-Adelaide Centre in Toronto. As I entered, all I saw were the beaming faces of seniors being celebrated – and not just those personally present. A giant photo exhibit was erected, depicting images that had been sent in by the public specifically to show us all how seniors are incredible pillars of strength in our society. Inspiring quotes describing the positive impacts our senior loved ones have on society were interspersed throughout.

When planning a baby shower, the menu is a top consideration, as we all know how the quality of food can make or break a party! There are many factors that should go into your consideration of baby shower menu ideas, such as the venue, the time of day and year, cost, and, especially, the mom-to-be’s preferences!

Baby Shower Menu Ideas That Are Fabulous

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When planning a baby shower, the menu is a top consideration, as we all know how the quality of food can make or break a party! There are many factors that should go into your consideration of baby shower menu ideas, such as the venue, the time of day and year, cost, and, especially, the mom-to-be’s preferences!


The Tribe in My Backyard

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Life is hard – beautiful, sweet, precious, amazing, thrilling even; but so very hard. It never becomes more apparent as to just how hard it is until you are a mother; responsible in every way for the well-being of another tiny human.

Even before becoming mothers, women wear so many different hats. We are cooks, maids, friends, daughters, therapists, employees, managers, etc. We tend to stick together, to find our tribe and to be there for one another through thick and thin. Which is never more important that when we do become parents.


Halloween Safety Tips

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I remember as a little girl – saving all of the ‘used-almost-to-the-bottom’ candles for the whole year to use for Hallowe’en. Our jack o’ lanterns would house a cornucopia of bright red and gold Christmas candles and a few yellow Easter ones. I would be a bit rattled that my beautiful pumpkin was getting red wax dripped all over, and then completely dejected that whenever I passed my own house (as I was doing the neighborhood candy marathon) the pumpkin would be dark. A gust of wind had just spoiled a child’s excitement at boasting artistic achievements to her friends. I’d quickly apologize and run up to grab a lighter or matches. And I can’t remember being anything other than a princess in chiffon so that + matches was clearly a bad idea… 

National Seniors Day

Helping Elderly Parents Thrive

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I wish it were 2018. If this were last fall and I had known more about the flu vaccine for seniors, I would have done things differently. When my mom died unexpectedly on Christmas morning, the reasons why were unclear. What was 100% evident is that I thought of her as living for years to come. She was the master of her home. Vibrant. Feisty. Perhaps it was child-like denial, but I didn’t know how unwell she was. Sadly, I hadn’t yet researched the myriad of special solutions for seniors that can help maintain good health.

tween ready for a cell phone

Is My Tween Ready For A Cell Phone?

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My tween wants a cell phone.  Correction, she wants a cell phone that allows her to text, play games online, send emails and lastly, make phone calls. Yesterday, she told me that more and more of the girls in her class (We’re talking 4th grade folks!) are getting cell phones for their 10th birthdays.  She doesn’t want to wait a year.  She wants one now. The question is, is my tween ready for a cell phone?