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My Softball Mom Skin Care Routine

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Use sunscreen or feel the wrath of the burn.  It’s pretty clear cut for my family…..Wear sunscreen or mom will chase you around and put some in the middle of your forehead. Thus causing you to fully sunscreen your face lest you have a non-tanned spot smack in the middle! There has been a time or two I was so concerned about making sure the kids’ skin was protected I forgot about my own. OUCH! As a now 40(+) year old mama, I am more and more aware of the damage the sun can cause. And wrinkles. I don’t want any wrinkles that aren’t from laughing and have fun in my life! I’m not a big makeup wearer but don’t care for the shine traditional sunscreen leaves on my face. This caused a bit of a conundrum for me – how to protect my face and look my best?


DERMAFLASH – A New Paradigm in Beauty

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They had me at “hummingbird wings.”

I was super excited to be asked to review DERMAFLASH in exchange for trying the product – partly because I love to get things in the mail, so much so that I unwrap them on the front porch as you can see, and partly because I thought Dermaplaning was something you did on vacation in the Swiss Alps.


Spring Beauty Finds for Tired Moms

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At age 20, I used to get out of bed, apply lip gloss and run out the door looking fresh-faced and awake. (And of course that was when I though I was pudgy and ugly). The universe gives us this inverse relationship where wisdom is only bestowed with age. Well – I will be damned if with wisdom, I don’t start truly appreciating my own beauty too. After 2 kids and a hundred and fifty thousand soccer games, I can accept both beauty and wisdom, but I am going to need a bit of assistance from some of my favourite beauty products! I am asked to test loads of things, and over the past few months these few spring beauty finds have stood out for me in a huge way.

Charlotte Jenkins GotStyle

Breaking Down the Style Basics: An Interview with Charlotte Jenkins

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UrbanMommies talked to Charlotte Jenkins, on how she balances motherhood with a public and demanding role at Toronto’s fashion hot-shop, GOTStyle.

Best of all, she gave us the inside scoop on how moms AND dads can play the part of parent of the year, without adopting the ‘look’.

At work, Charlotte has tackled everything from “glam stuff to the not-so-glamorous” for all three of GOTStyle’s retail platforms. Between “problem-solving, getting things done on the fly, as well as fixing things… It’s definitely prepared me for being a mother. Well, nothing can prepare you for being a mother, but…”

heal a blemish

Mom-Acne Survival Tip: Cover & Heal a Blemish in 5 Seconds

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When I was a young teenager I had acne. It was bad – but not as horrible as my once-great self esteem. I was on Accutane, wore cover-up by the spatula-full, and yet still had to have my high school grad photos take three times. Airbrushing wasn’t as easy back then. There was no easy way to remove a blemish but I tried everything. Tea tree oil, toothpaste… even mud.

There was a long period after that where my skin was mostly fine and I felt slightly pretty and even went out without makeup. But then I hit 40. Yes. Don’t you all go fainting. It’s the truth, and I still get ID’d.

Go Ask Dad

Stop Searching Online: Go Ask Dad

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In a world where screen-time often outweighs actual face time, the internet has become the go-to source of information – and as we all know, websites don’t always give you the most unbiased and truthful advice… It’s quick and easy to search the internet for videos and how-to articles in seconds, but do the results truly give the answers teens really need? This Father’s Day, Gillette is reminding people everywhere to “Go Ask Dad” for answers to their everyday questions.  While your Dad will certainly appreciate a card (or a new razor) for Father’s Day, taking a moment to ask his advice will mean more to him than you might guess.


Summer Style Tips for 2016 from Celebrity Stylist Lara Backmender

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We were so excited to get the FIRST taste of the summer trends by celebrity stylist Lara Backmender whose clients include—wait for it—Demi Lovato, Hayden Panetiere, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Lucy Hale, Miley Cyrus, Naomi Watts, Nina Debrev, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlet Johannson, Taylor Swift, Whitney Port and Zoey Deschanel. Seriously, I had to list them all.

What we want from summer style is easy, fresh, and versatile (mix-and-match is a must). Lara styled five outfits for attendees of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and used key, comfy pieces from Hanes to complete the outfits. And they meet all of our criteria.


May The Fourth

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Affectionately known as Star Wars Day, May the Fourth has become the Christmas for inner geeks everywhere. My sons and I will be traveling to Disney World for the Social Media Moms Celebration and fellow travellers will witness us in a couple of stormtroopers and Rae costumes!