Use sunscreen or feel the wrath of the burn.  It’s pretty clear cut for my family…..Wear sunscreen or mom will chase you around and put some in the middle of your forehead. Thus causing you to fully sunscreen your face lest you have a non-tanned spot smack in the middle! There has been a time or two I was so concerned about making sure the kids’ skin was protected I forgot about my own. OUCH! As a now 40(+) year old mama, I am more and more aware of the damage the sun can cause. And wrinkles. I don’t want any wrinkles that aren’t from laughing and have fun in my life! I’m not a big makeup wearer but don’t care for the shine traditional sunscreen leaves on my face. This caused a bit of a conundrum for me – how to protect my face and look my best?

I found Alastin Hydratint Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. This product means my needs and…requirements. I wanted a mineral based sunscreen versus a chemical based choice. Broad spectrum UVA/UVB is a must. I’m not a fan of parabens and Alastin is paraben free. On top of being a great sunscreen, Alastin provides environmental pollution protection. Even better – they are cruelty-free. There is a nice tint to the sunscreen that helps me protect my face without an annoying shiny finish. It doesn’t smell like makeup and I’m able to completely forget about it once it’s applied. I don’t notice any heaviness or makeup-y feel. I apply Alastin and forget about it. Until 2 hours later when I reapply. (Softball tournaments are like 10 hours long people!)


I’m all about convenience in the mornings – actually all of the time – and this sunscreen is a no-brainer for me. I get up, wash my face with water, brush my teeth, put my hair in a pony, and put on Alastin Hydratint. I’m out the door in under 5 minutes most mornings and I love that I look like I spent a bit longer getting ready for the day. I’m doing my skin a solid and can feel good about the product I’m using!

You can check out Alastin here! And you should! NOW!



Disclosure: I was provided a sample of Alastin Hydratint free of charge.