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Anti-Aging Hope and Miracles with Philosophy

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So I’m approaching a – scary – birthday.  Between that and having two kids under 5, I am feeling old.  Haggard.  Wizened.  Possibly starting to look it but if you repeat that to my face I’ll drop-kick you.  Deep breaths.  Just kidding..  (grin).  Having used a few products by Philosophy, I’ve never been disappointed, so I asked to try something ‘miraculous’ that would combat age.  (Insert Angels singing here).  I was sent ‘Miracle Worker’ Anti-Aging Concentrate, which you follow up with ‘When Hope is not Enough’ firming and lifting serum.  Gotta love the names.   After using it for a month (you only need a bit and it is lasting forever), I am feeling much fresher – glowing almost.  And that’s after a season of hard-core holiday parties.  My sun-spots are fading, I’m smoother, and I smile every time I read the inspiring sayings on the jars.  This one’s a keeper.


Unique Holiday Gift Picks for Mom

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Some people think Mom is hard to buy for.  Us?  Not so much.  It just takes a wee bit of thought and the identification of what Mom appreciates.  Gifts needn’t be expensive.  Just all about her.  Here are a few ideas.    1.  Jawbone ‘Up

2.  Pantone Xmas balls

3.  Kate Spade Kindle Covers

4.  Umbra Frama Mirrored wall frames

5.  Monogrammed Dinnerware

6.  Agent Provocateur Corset

7.  Slate serving trays

8.  Recycled holiday sweater skirt

9.  Birks Love Collection Cuff

10.  Year’s subscription for Netflix


Zuii Organic and Gabriel Skincare

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Did you know that what goes on your skin goes into your body?  We were recently invited to try some great makeup available at Whole Foods.  Zuii Organic and Gabriel Skincare offer amazing shades and are both fully natural.  Zuii Organic has embraced the essence of nature and created a totally unique range of colour cosmetics, blending Certified Organic Flower Petals, essential oils, vitamins and minerals while offering a colour pallet previously only available from chemical based cosmetics. Both lines improve your skin’s health, look great and have good karma.


Alcove Shampoo and Conditioner

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Paraben-free, salt-free, and sulfate free.  ‘Nuf said?  Nope.  This stuff leaves your hair silky, shiny and soft.  Please excuse us if we sound like a crazy shampoo commercial, but we really like it.  Alcove doesn’t feel soapy and filmy on the hands, and it smells good.  The official ‘science’ is that micro-encapsulation encloses ingredients in microscopic capsules.  This allows your hair to receive exactly the nutrients it needs to prosper.  Lovely.

must haves for nursing moms

Must haves for the Nursing Mom

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If you are planning on breastfeeding, there are a few items that are essential to your success. You will need a nursing bra, nursing top, breast pump, nursing cover and lastly, patience. With these modern conveniences Breastfeeding is simpler and more stylish than ever.


Geisha Ink Mascara

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Why is it that people want to be innovative with mascara?  I have recently tried one brand with a silly ball on the end of the wand that makes my lashes totally clump, and then another kind where you have to put a white base coat on followed by the black.  a) I thought the point was not to have clumpy lashes  b) I’m a mom. I’m lucky that I even try to apply mascara – please don’t make it take double the time.  Enough ranting.  Try Geisha Ink Mascara.  It’s water and smudge-proof, has a fluffy, straight, normal wand, and the stuff washes off with just water.


Palmer's Cocoa Butter FIrming Lotion

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Palmers Cocoa Butter Firming LotionAnother Pina Colada, pool boy… oh darn.  Confused again.  This gorgeous belly cream is not only helping rid us of stretch marks and excess skin as we trim down, but the coconut scent has us convinced that we are a good deal  south of Canada.  Palmer’s Firming Butter was voted one of our reader’s top belly products, so we had to try it.  And we love a bargain.  (Shhh).  It is available at drug stores, and is so inexpensive it might just be the extra excuse you need to stick with your diet.


Your Favourite Baby Products

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Bug Pickle Belly CreamA little while ago, we had a cool contest where you told us your favourite baby products. (Congrats to Anne Uebbing who won the big prize!) We have a bunch of great ideas, and love it when our readers give us great input. Don’t forget to read the last one. It made us feel pretty good.

And the winners (sorted by category for Pregnancy, Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, Gear, Toys, Clothing) are….