Bug Pickle Belly CreamA little while ago, we had a cool contest where you told us your favourite baby products. (Congrats to Anne Uebbing who won the big prize!) We have a bunch of great ideas, and love it when our readers give us great input. Don’t forget to read the last one. It made us feel pretty good.

And the winners (sorted by category for Pregnancy, Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, Gear, Toys, Clothing) are….


1. For stretch marks I loved Bio-Oil from Wal-Mart (of all places) – $5.95 per bottle. One lasted me my whole pregnancy and I have no stretch marks. Might be genetics but I loved rubbing the oil on my belly as it smelled nice.

2. When I was pregnant with both my children I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks on my expanding belly. I was 36 and 39 when I had my two and don’t have any stretch marks.

3. To prevent stretch marks I strongly recommend Clarins Firming Body Oil in the morning & Biotherm Biovergetures anti stretch mark cream at night (the latter of which Sarah Jessica Parker ordered by the bucketloads when she was pregnant). That way you’ve got the best of both worlds – 2 amazing products that work!

4. My fave belly product is the Bug ‘n’ Pickle Belly Cream – love the patchouli scent in it and it made my skin feel soft and supple…not to mention the few moments of pampering it gave me first thing in the morning.


1. Bum Bum Balm for my baby’s bum, it is all natural and he’s never had a diaper rash.

2. The Lionheart Diaper Wipes Warmer. We actually used it with cloth wipes instead of disposables, which was great because it kept them moist and ready to go whenever we needed them.


1. I use Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Tiny Tot foaming wash for my children’s bath time. It rinses off really nicely and has a mild scent.

2. The whole Derma-Med line of baby products. Our son had mild to severe eczema from the time he was 3 months old. These products were gentle on his skin and made of natural products.


1. The PopATot is the best baby product in my mind. It’s a portable entertainer (folds like a camping chair), that was used in our yard, in our house, and went almost everywhere we went.

2. My Ergo Baby Carrier. I still carry my little guy around in it without any trouble, and he’s now about 35 lbs! I tried 3 other carriers before I got my ergo, so I tell all my mommy friends about it to save them the time, cost, and back ache of other carriers. Our pre natal group hung out together during our year of mat leave, and even snowshoe-ed Dog mountain with our 9 month olds in our ergos. I love it!

3. The “Swaddle Me” by Kiddopotamus. My son is now 18 mths old so we don’t use them anymore, but they were essential when he was still being swaddled since they quickly allowed us to bundle him up like a comfy, cozy burrito!

4. My absolute favourite, best investment for my daughter was our Diaper Dude Diaper Bag. She’s 2 1/2 and it still goes everywhere we do. When she was a baby it had diapers, extra clothes, and soothers. Now it has wipes, snacks, travel toys like a small colouring book (great for lineups, restaurants, or any kind of wait), and always room for my wallet, phone, etc. It’s perfect!

5. For baby, we loved the Baby Bjorn & also my car seat stroller frame (a universal-fitting one is available at Toys’r’us).

6. I really love the MiracleBlanket. Both my kids have used them since they were really tiny! I could never get a regular blanket to stay swaddled tightly so this is a big help for me.

7. The Moby Wrap for multifunctional baby toting. It has super soft colorful fabric that can be worn in so many ways depending on babe’s age, twins, nursing, etc.


1. Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit: I found this kit very helpful and handy in the kitchen for making my own healthy baby food. I especially like the ice cube tray lids to keep the flavour and freshness locked in.

2. My favorite baby product is the Snack Trap Snacking Cup. It has big handles so babies can hang on and slits in the lid so they can get snacks out but not spill if they drop the cup. Perfect! Both my kids have one and it has saved me from hours of crying in the stroller and carseat.


1. BabyLegs. I love that they keep my baby’s knees comfy for crawling, they look great under a dress or over pants as legwarmers, and they keep legs warm in the Ergo carrier. A totally useful product.


1. Sophie the Giraffe for teething and play

And the UrbanMommies Favourite….


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