Still riding the feels from a wonderful Mother’s day, I am full swing into getting ready for Father’s day! Gifting Moms is a piece of cake compared to the monumental task of finding or *gasp* making something with the kids that their dad will actually, a) recognize as an actual thing, and b) like enough to actually put into circulation. This is no small endeavour, and should never be taken lightly because, come on, ladies, a super fab father’s day gift raises the bar for next year’s Mother’s Day, amirite?

I love crafting things—love seeing something come together from my imagination into a tangible form—and getting the kids involved just makes it that much better. This year, we are ditching the paper ties, experimental BBQ rubs and hammer-shaped cookies. This year we going to give dad something we know he’ll love. And we’re going to do it using the HP Envy 7640, which happens to be the best e-All-in-One Printer for the job.



My husband is a busy guy, but he truly cherishes spending time with the kids. He always packs in as much fun as he can into the time he can find. The kids wanted to show dad how much it means to them to have amazing adventures and experiences with him, so this year we are making him a memory book. We are collecting pictures—both new ones and great oldies pulled from the vaults—and putting them together with little stories about where we were in the moment and what we were doing. This way, Dad will know how much we appreciate him, whether he’s away at work or at play, with us.



Enter Stage Left, the HP Envy 7640 e-All-in-One-Printer

Helping us with our little project is a cool gadget, the HP Envy 7640 e-All-in-One Printer. Now, I don’t know a whole lot about printers (they print stuff, right?) but this one blew my mind with all the extra things it can do. We can take pictures and print from a mobile device, create lab-quality photos and laser-quality documents with ease, and breeze through multipage copy, scan, and fax tasks.



Disclaimer: Baby doesn’t actually drink Budweiser.

We chose photos from that time dad took us sailing, and some from our recent trip to the Philippines. A few more of the backyard, where we grill and have dinners together and even one of the couch, where both kids have fallen asleep with dad at some point over the years! Not every picture or event was amazing and extravagant, but each one had a memory for one or both of the kids and that was what mattered. We printed gorgeous quality pictures and the kids wrote their memories on card paper attached to the back. When we were done we had a colourful, thoughtful and memorable gift for Dad, one that I know he will love as much as he loves the people who made it for him.

HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada.