Listen ladies .. (I know that this may shock you) but PMS and PSD are NOT NORMAL ways for the female human body to behave. It is tolerated and accepted but it is not natural. It is a sign that the body is in dire need of a spring clean and some TLC.

Stuff that’s Not Actually Normal..

Please note that vaginal dryness is not normal –  the vagina should have natural clear (cloudy white around ovulation) fluid at all times, non-offensive in odor but smell clean and fresh. This mucosa keeps the canal clean and free of bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Brown, clotty, 2-3 week long or 1-2 day short  periods are not normal. The blood should be clot free, bright red, clean and fresh smelling but remember it is blood and will smell musky and bloody. In our culture 5-7 days of bleeding is norm.

Pain, cramping, tenderness and headaches are not normal and can be dealt with.

Moodiness and rage are not normal, when an animal ovulates it is a sign to want to procreate not a sign to rip your lover’s head off. You should be amorous at this time not murderous.


The human body is like any machine, if well hydrated and lubricated it will perform optimally. When we are dehydrated and the body is full of congestion (otherwise known as chronic infection, inflammation, scar tissue or simply the body is not making enough of one chemical to function properly) our sack of cells just doesn’t run productively. You have heard the overused word HORMONES being bantered about when referring to PMS and it’s relative disorders (including menopause).   But did you know that practically all of our glands and organs create hormones or chemicals that are used daily for the body to function?  That means that there are thousands of chemicals created and needed on a daily basis (every day, all day) to conduct the electricity our body needs to walk upright, menstruate, eat, feel sexy and even sleep properly.   Armed with this knowledge we can stop blaming just the uterus and ovaries for PMS symptoms. At times simply cleansing the liver and kidneys (the bodies’ filters that keep the blood clean) can alleviate all PMS symptoms. Hydration and lubrication can alleviate these symptoms as well.

I akin it to a vacuum cleaner and it’s bag. When the bag gets too full the vacuum no longer picks up dirt and kicks back funky smells and microscopic dust particles, negating the purpose of pushing that loud machine back and forth over the carpet. Clean out the bag and your have a purposeful functioning machine once again. You can do this with the human body as well. Spring cleaning and cleaning up your diet (NOOOO not dieting, diet as in the foods you consume) can greatly reduce PMS symptoms and greatly increase fertility.

– Katherine Nelson, Certified Herbalist