At age 20, I used to get out of bed, apply lip gloss and run out the door looking fresh-faced and awake. (And of course that was when I though I was pudgy and ugly). The universe gives us this inverse relationship where wisdom is only bestowed with age. Well – I will be damned if with wisdom, I don’t start truly appreciating my own beauty too. After 2 kids and a hundred and fifty thousand soccer games, I can accept both beauty and wisdom, but I am going to need a bit of assistance from some of my favourite beauty products! I am asked to test loads of things, and over the past few months these few spring beauty finds have stood out for me in a huge way.

Guinot Age Logic Eye Mask. When I’ve had a… fun night… the next morning is not doing the dark circles under my eyes any favours. Thankfully, this eye mask fixes that. The green micro-algae extract helps stimulate circulation and promotes drainage in the upper and lower eyelids. ATP stores essential ingredients for younger looking skin. Actinergie Increases oxygenation of the skin and Dynalift Firms the skin. I also noticed that after a few minutes minutes with the mask around my eyes, there was no residue or guck left on my skin. All of the ingredients were absorbed and was immediately ready to apply moisturizer and makeup.

There is lots of talk these days about blue light therapy. I have been using the Tria Positively Clear 3-step treatment for some time, and the rosacea on my cheeks has almost disappeared! As well, acne flareups have lessened significantly, and I’m starting to use it on the neck and chest. It only takes 2 minutes over a small area, and produces a warm sensation that isn’t uncomfortable at all. There is a cleanser to wash with first, and after the treatment, you can apply a spot treatment on problem areas. The blue light penetrates the skin in order to end the breakout cycle by eliminating acne-causing bacteria. I wish I’d had this as a teen!!

Roloxin Lift. I use this whenever I have a TV appearance or a special date night. I feel it tightening the skin immediately and it’s like a miracle product. After 7 minutes I feel like I’m 16 again! There is a new ‘Gold’ version which I have yet to try, but I honestly can’t imagine anything better than the original. You activate the product by massaging the package and then open and apply to the face and neck. The skin feels warm as it works, and after rinsing, the skin is noticably tighter. Amazing.

Red Lane Spa Island Essence Firming Mask. It totally tingles when you apply, and after washing off, skin feels tighter and softer. I have used many of the products in this line and have been very impressed by the fresh smells and potent ingredients. The masks are among my favourites. Oh – and you don’t have to travel all the way to a Beaches or Sandals Resort to grab some, though it’s a great excuse for a visit. It’s available online as well.

Olay Regenerist. I started using this because it has SPF 30 built in, and I really don’t have time for an extra step in my daily routine by applying sunscreen as well as moisturizer. The cream is touted for its’ micro-sculpting abilities and I have noticed that the beautiful laugh lines are certainly not getting any deeper!

Disclosure: I was provided products for the purposes of testing and all opinions are entirely my own.