When I was a young teenager I had acne. It was bad – but not as horrible as my once-great self esteem. I was on Accutane, wore cover-up by the spatula-full, and yet still had to have my high school grad photos take three times. Airbrushing wasn’t as easy back then. There was no easy way to remove a blemish but I tried everything. Tea tree oil, toothpaste… even mud.

There was a long period after that where my skin was mostly fine and I felt slightly pretty and even went out without makeup. But then I hit 40. Yes. Don’t you all go fainting. It’s the truth, and I still get ID’d.

Remove a BlemishThe thing about getting into your 40s is that those horrible teenage skin issues that you thought were history, are about to sneak into your life again. I started ordering systems on late-night TV, turned down invites to do guest appearances on TV morning shows and basically went back into hiding like I did when I was 16. Until I was sent a sample of Guinot Cover Touch Concealer.

It claims to not only cover but heal blemishes and I used it for 4 weeks before I wrote this, but I noticed changes immediately. I love it. There’s a nozzle that you swivel and an extension to the applicator for blending so that you don’t have to touch your face – this really eliminates the germ spread. Cover Touch is purple when first applied and actually blends with any skin tone.

I also found that applying before my regular foundation helped the blemish disappear even more and I felt confident that I had a treatment on it while being totally covered. This is no 1991 stuff. If only Guinot had appeared to me in high school…

Disclosure: UrbanMommies was given a sample for review. All opinions are our own.