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As God Is My Witness, I Shall Never Diet Again. Part 1.

EAT, family meals By December 14, 2016 4 Comments

Sometimes I have thought that if I could have any superpower, I would want the power to eat everything I want to and have it all be a) good for me and b) not able to make me fat. This, out of all the available superpowers. Why would I want to fly? Or walk through walls? No, I want my superpower to be eating.

It is really kind of sad, if you think about it. And also possibly a tiny bit unhealthy. But, there you have it. I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD.

Throw a Football Party

How to Throw a Football (Party)

EAT, entertain, family meals By November 24, 2016 No Comments

Yeah, no. We’re not even going to try and throw a football ourselves, let alone teach someone else how to do it. But the entertaining part and talking about how to throw a football party is a snap. Superbowl and Canada’s Grey Cup conjure images of hot dogs, nachos and chips, but that kind of tailgating is a little boring. Let’s deconstruct the normal and start with a hearty, versatile ingredient that warms even the coldest of bellies during football season. I give you: pasta. We created two fun recipes inspired by football traditions, but with a bit of a Canadian twist!


Win or Lose: Election Night Drinking Games

EAT, Mommy Mixology By November 7, 2016 No Comments

I have Election Fatigue, and I am sure you do too.

The week we have all been looking forward to is finally here, and we can once again enjoy a campaign-free existence, if only for the next few years. What always gets me about an election year is the constant barrage of negativity; thanks to Donald Trump, that negativity seems to be amplified by 1000.

I had all but given up on trying to talk to various Trump supporters about their candidate–I was, and still am, incredulous that people would vote for him and genuinely curious as to why; sadly, there seems to be great difficulty in their collective ability to clearly define their position with intelligent sentences and without personal attacks. Social media has made it possible for everyone to be an expert and political pundit, unfortunately, and not everyone has the knowledge (or depth of vocabulary) to pull it off.


Girls Night Pizza Party

EAT, entertain By October 27, 2016 No Comments

Does anyone ever get a girls night anymore? Certainly not me!! And worse? When you get one, do you really want to be cooking and fussing over sweating it out in the kitchen? Didn’t think so. Pizza – the bake-in-home kind, is a perfect option for an easy girls night pizza celebration, and the new line of Dr. Oetker Ristorante Ultra Thin Crust pizza is my go-to choice. I adore pizza and am very particular with what I consume. The crust must be thin. (This new version sports the thinnest crust ever!) And crispy but not too much. (I verified it comes out perfectly every time). Toppings must be perfectly cooked and the combo has to be perfect. (Picking off items that I dislike makes me feel just terrible. And kindof picky.)


Perfect Tea Biscuits

EAT, family meals By October 19, 2016 No Comments

When I was a child my Grandmother and Great Aunt would roast a chicken or turkey at least weekly. Any dinner was incomplete without freshly made tea biscuits. The trick with these is instead of using a cookie cutter for shape, they always used the edge of a juice glass to cut the dough. A cookie cutter is fine too, but to this day I still do exactly as they did while smiling the whole time.

Laughing Cow

Confession: It Really Can Be Easy Being Cheesy

EAT, lunches, snacks By October 17, 2016 No Comments

You’re going to think this is silly, but I have a recurring fantasy about snacking with a cow. I know, this is a seriously cheesy confession, but I have to be honest. For a while now I have been fixated on The Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers.

It all started in the last few days of summer. I innocently packed up a cooler full of snacks to take to our local park. Knowing all the kids would be running through the sprinklers, I skipped sandwiches and chips, loading up instead on fruits, veggies, hummus, and various snack-type cheeses.

Local Farmers Market Linguine

Urban Green: Going to the Local Farmers Market

EAT, family meals By October 1, 2016 2 Comments

With all of the corporate options available, it isn’t really necessary for anyone to “shop local” anymore. You can get all sorts of exotic flavours and colours at the large chain supermarkets. Before I share a fun recipe for ‘Farm Fresh Linguine and Tomato Sauce’, I want to first get you excited about the many benefits of shopping locally at the farmers market!

Saving Money on the Staples

How to save money on the staples plus three ‘secret’ family recipes

EAT, family meals By September 21, 2016 No Comments

Fall is a time of new beginnings. Out of nowhere, the nip enters the air and the laziness of summer morphs into productivity. Well, I’m trying anyway! We organize closets, embrace an earlier bedtime and fill the freezer with family meals. My favourite meals are always ones that can be produced out of the pantry. The problem with this, though, is that essential ‘stock’ items like oats, flour and rice never seem to drop in price, so squeezing room out of the family budget from the food category doesn’t seem to work. Until now. Here’s how you can save money on the staples with help from our friends at Safeway.


Allergy-Friendly School Snacks

EAT, lunches By September 15, 2016 80 Comments

This morning I made the school lunches and then opened my son’s backpack only to find a note stating that in addition to nuts, there was a severe allergy in his class that prevents me from packing any food containing cooked or un-cooked eggs. No meatballs, pancake bites, egg-containing breads or pizza dough. I can totally handle the restrictions but I feel so very sorry for all families that must deal with scary allergies. It’s a tough world we live in, and I can’t imagine the level of anxiety the child and parents feel trusting other parents to pack egg-free lunches in order to be safe in the classroom.