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Bedtime Brews for Babies

Bedtime Brews for Babies

baby, EAT By January 13, 2021 No Comments

Got a child who needs a little calm-me-down at bedtime? Here are three great versions of the classic “Warm Milk” for babies and kids. Older kids can make them by themselves (with adult supervision of course).The mint milk is super soothing and refreshing, whereas adding molasses coats a sore throat and provides comfort.

What Can’t Babies Eat In Their First Year?

What Can’t Babies Eat In Their First Year? Safe Feeding For Newborns

baby By January 6, 2020 Tags: , , 1 Comment

During the first year, your baby’s digestive system is in training. It is maturing and they may have allergies to certain foods that you have yet to realize, or some foods may cause choking hazards. Given these parameters, parents have a lot of questions, asking what can’t their babies eat in their first year?

Black or green tea, which prevents absorption of iron;

Honey, which can harbor spores of Clostridium botulinum, which cause botulism that your baby is too young to fight;

Polenta with Yogurt

Polenta with Yogurt or Mamaliga

baby, EAT By September 1, 2019 1 Comment

A cornmeal pudding as they like it in Romania (they call it ‘mamaliga’) takes the place of bread on the rural table and is always eaten on its own, as a separate course. For children you can combine freshly made curd cheese, yogurt or sour cream. This adds protein and a touch of sharpness to balance the natural sweetness. Another sweet bonus…cornmeal is a suitable grain food for anyone with a wheat intolerance!

IVF story

This IVF Story Might Have Never Happened

baby, baby, FAM, nourish, pregnancy, self By June 27, 2019 17 Comments

So you’re thinking about starting a family. And you’re trying to start a family. And trying. And trying. And you’re at the point where, if one more person tells you to “relax” so “it will just happen”, you might lose your S@#* completely.

You’re thinking about seeing a doctor, or you’ve seen one, or three. The idea of IVF has come up. Or maybe it’s come up for your sister, or your best friend. You have questions, but you have no one to ask. You’re scared it won’t work, you can’t afford it, that it’s going ‘too far’. You hate needles. You’ve begun to wonder if there’s a deeper, cosmic reason you can’t have a baby. There are countless reasons why it’s impossible to even try. And then you suddenly start to feel like you’re just done with it all.

World Breast Pumping Day concept image of pump and baby items

Why We Need World Breast Pumping Day

baby By January 24, 2018 1 Comment

The breastfeeding world can be noisy and overwhelming. Sometimes it’s exclusionary, especially for women who don’t exclusively breastfeed their babes straight from the breast. The way we choose to feed our babies is a personal decision. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Parents have to decide what will work best for their babies, their families, and themselves. It can be a challenging decision. That difficult choice can be made even more difficult by feeling ostracized or judged if the chosen feeding method isn’t what society has deemed is “best.”