When planning a baby shower, the menu is a top consideration, as we all know how the quality of food can make or break a party! There are many factors that should go into your consideration of baby shower menu ideas, such as the venue, the time of day and year, cost, and, especially, the mom-to-be’s preferences!


The location of your baby shower will heavily influence every decision you make regarding the menu. If the event is outside then you want to make sure you are going to serve foods that are easily portable and can be served at room temperature. Finger foods are best for an outdoor baby shower, but if the shower is at a local restaurant or hall, you can consider something more elaborate, perhaps a sit-down brunch or lunch.

Time of Day & Year

Obviously, if you’re having the shower in the morning, you won’t want to serve chili or dinner fare, so the time of day should be a discernible hint as to how to suitably plan your menu. But don’t stop at the time of day, the time of year should be a factor as well since you wouldn’t want to try to serve a lot of out-of-season (and thus expensive and perhaps not so fresh) items, such as exotic fruits or seafood. Planning around a holiday can be convenient, for example during the autumn and winter you can focus on heartier, warmer foods such as soups, meats, cheese plates and more. And finally, during spring and summer months when more fresh fruit and vegetable become available your menu considerations open up to include a host of wonderful fresh seasonal fare that can include chilled food and drink.


Ultimately, the price tag of the baby shower is a major consideration to figure out. From frugal to formal, you can easily tailor your menu ideas to fit into your baby show theme. For a bigger budget, it might be helpful to bring in a party planner who can take care of all the details. For smaller budgets it is a smart idea to take advantage of the other members of the party. One fun planning strategy is to create a menu on paper and assign everyone on the party guest list to bring that food item. By assigning a dish you cleverly avoid overlap while making sure that the entire menu is covered. This plan doesn’t have to be limited to menu items, but could also include decorations and other supplies. Friends are there to support the new mom, and almost anyone can afford to spring for or make something nice.

Baby Shower Menu Theme & Personal Preferences

Now we get into the fun stuff! Baby shower menu ideas that incorporate a theme, or something special that the new mom particularly enjoys, is the secret ingredient that can make the shower personal and interesting. Is she a sports fan? Consider a sporty theme that includes foods one might find at a sporting event. Tailgate chili or wings, burgers, hot dogs are all popular fare and you can ratchet down the calories and fat as needed by tailoring the ingredients. Is she obsessed with Hello Kitty? Then try something fun and unique with plates of pregnancy safe sushi like California rolls, small bowls of miso soup, and adorable Hello Kitty cupcakes. Remember to consider details such as food allergies or sensitivities and pallet preferences of the mom-to-be and guests.

A baby shower menu is one of the most fun party elements to plan for, so above all have fun! Any menu can be jazzed up to be fabulous without spending too much time or money. When the big day of celebration arrives you will see your labor of love come to fruition and it will undoubtedly be marvelous day that mom-to-be will never forget!

Sarah Cottrell

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