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A cornmeal pudding as they like it in Romania (they call it ‘mamaliga’) takes the place of bread on the rural table and is always eaten on its own, as a separate course. For children you can combine freshly made curd cheese, yogurt or sour cream. This adds protein and a touch of sharpness to balance the natural sweetness. Another sweet bonus…cornmeal is a suitable grain food for anyone with a wheat intolerance!

When my kids were little I tried lots of different tastes and flavours, and the mildness of polenta was a huge hit. If only they ate so well now. This dish is easily frozen and also keeps in the fridge for a few days. If you thicken it, you can put it on a grill for the perfect summer BBQ side dish!

I love finding out the historical significance of recipes, and if you care to know more about mamaliga, here is a start!

Makes about 2 cups


Roasted polenta with garden vegetables

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