During the first year, your baby’s digestive system is in training. It is maturing and they may have allergies to certain foods that you have yet to realize, or some foods may cause choking hazards. Given these parameters, parents have a lot of questions, asking what can’t their babies eat in their first year?

Black or green tea, which prevents absorption of iron;

Honey, which can harbor spores of Clostridium botulinum, which cause botulism that your baby is too young to fight;

Citrus fruits may provoke an allergic reaction, particularly if they run in your family;

Egg whites – wait at least a year to serve protein-rich whites because of allergies (yolks are okay);

Peanuts are highly allergenic so wait until your child is at least a year old before introducing peanut butter. If you or your mate has peanut allergies, wait until your child is at least 3. Another reason to hold off on peanut butter is its sticky consistency, which makes it difficult for a child to swallow;

Wheat and wheat products are a common grain allergen so if you are concerned that your child may be allergic, wait until they are a year old before inducing it;

Because it can be highly allergenic, experts recommend excluding shellfish from your baby’s diet until they are at least one year old;

If you think your baby is at risk for allergies, you might want to wait until they are 3 or 4 before giving him tree nuts. Otherwise wait until they are 1, as long as they’re pureed in food or in nut butters (whole nuts are a choking hazard);

Strawberries are not recommended for the first year;

Stick with breast milk or infant formula until your child’s first birthday. Your baby can’t digest the protein in cow’s milk for the first year, it doesn’t have all the nutrients he needs, and it contains minerals in amounts that can damage infant kidneys.

If you’re concerned that your baby may be prone to allergies because of it runs in your family, you might choose to delay the introduction of other commonly allergenic foods such as corn, soy, chocolate until your baby reaches their first birthday.

If you are prone to allergies and you are breastfeeding, avoid nuts and possibly eggs and milk in your own diet to help delay or prevent allergies in your baby. For help making this decision about what can’t babies eat in their first year, talk to your child’s doctor.