Yogurt is a staple in our family – so much so that I often think it must be it’s own food group! While universally accepted as a breakfast or snack choice, I will admit that there have been times when yoghurt became lunch or dinner after the kids begged. When hungry little tummies are growling and moods are rapidly down-spiraling, a few spoonfuls of protein-rich yogurt goes a long way to getting them through until mealtime. We have recently become huge fans of iögo yogurt, and in particular the new large-sized pouches.

iögo recently launched their new big format pouches in Original, Probio and Greek. These pouches provide more freshness, are easier to handle, contain no preservatives, gelatin or artificial flavours and are great to add to recipes!

This yogurt is our family favourite for many reasons, but one is definitely its really awesome packaging. Easy to use, hold and dispense, this new pouch has taken over in our house.  I can open it and pour it with one hand without spilling or messy lids to deal with.  Straight from the pouch to the bowl without missing a beat. It is also a fairly local product for us, which is something I find important.

This yogurt is made BY Canadians, FOR Canadians, which I think is really cool. Knowing where our food comes from is important to me, and being confident that I am supporting our own Canadian Dairy Farmers makes me choose iögo every time. iögo contains less sugar and has no artificial colour or flavor. It’s made from fresh milk and real fruit, and that is what I look for when I am feeding my family – real ingredients.

I have my little quiet time in the morning with a bowl of the iögo Vanilla yogurt and plan my day. In the space of just those few minutes, I can feed my senses and my body, reveling in the budding blossoms and peaceful stillness of a beautiful west coast spring morning. Just a few minutes to myself to reflect on what the day has in store and to prepare myself for the busy morning rush.


In the next blink the kids are clamoring for breakfast too and off we go! They love the way the yogurt pours from the pouch straight into their bowls, and I do too; no messy lids or spoons dripping yogurt on the floor and using precious morning minutes on clean up.  The screw top at the corner of the pouch also never jams and goes on tightly. You can really get it all out too, as the pouch squeezes and rolls up so you get every last delicious drop.

When our mornings are particularly hectic, I add the Probio yogurt to smoothies straight from the easy-pour pouch into the blender with fruit and veggies.  This yogurt is smooth and delicious and blends well, making a yummy and healthy breakfast on the go.  With lunches made, teeth brushed and tummies full we are ready for the day.

It’s not always easy to choose what we feed our families, but when given the option to select Canadian-made, fresh and natural products it makes that choice much clearer.  Put that product in a user friendly, easy pour pouch and it’s a winner.

Now that we’ve found this awesome product I don’t think we’ll be going back to messy tubs and ill-fitting lids!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.