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This holiday table centrepiece, sweet on the outside and savoury on the inside, makes a memorable main course. Encourage guests to eat the sliced oranges along with the ham since the roasting makes their peels tender and sweet.

Where did we come up with the tradition of eating ham at Christmas and Easter? Was it Dickens? The last supper? Our friends at Food Republic explain that:

“It’s said to have its roots in ancient pagan ritual. A wild boar was supposedly the sacrifice of choice to the Norse god Freyr, who is associated with harvest and phallic fertility. When pagans were converted to Christianity, the porcine meal became linked to St. Stephen, whose feast day is December 26th.”

Whatever your beliefs, you can start an amazing tradition in your family with this beautiful sweet and savoury dish.


Honey-Glazed Ham with Pineapple Chutney

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Roasted Spiral-Sliced Ham