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Twin Baby Shower Ideas – Welcoming Multiple Babies

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If you have a friend that’s expecting twins or triplets, it can make for a difficult baby shower; when should it be, what should the theme be and how do you even go about getting presents for multiple babies?  As difficult as it may seem, throwing a shower for twins or triplets isn’t much different than throwing a shower for one baby—unfortunately, that isn’t true for the labor part.  Here are our twin baby shower ideas.

When Should You Hold A Twin Baby Shower?

Women expecting multiple babies generally give birth at around 36 or 37 weeks, and often much earlier.  But it is much earlier than 36 weeks that women carrying more than one baby begin to feel extremely hormonal, tired and sluggish—the shower should be well before this time, obviously so that the mom can enjoy her shower and have fun.

Also, women carrying more babies are more physically progressed in their pregnancy than women carrying only one baby so the longer you wait to throw a shower, the higher the odds the mom-to-be will go into labor or be put on bed rest.  To be safe, err on the side of caution and plan a twin baby shower for some time between 28 and 32 weeks.

How To Pick A Theme For A Twin Baby Shower

Baby showers have such cute themes and with online stores, you can get baby shower paraphernalia for any situation and any theme.  If you’re having trouble getting creative, think of things of two that are usually referenced or spoken together.  If you know the sexes of the babies, that makes it easier, but if the theme says “twins,” it will be cute no matter the sexes of the babies.  Some themes for girl/boy babies twin baby shower could be: Mickey and Minnie, tiaras and crowns or bees and flowers.

Ideas for multiple girl babies: stripes and dots, flowers and stripes, sugar and spice or pickles and ice cream—this one has the bonus of being two fabulous colors plus is a stereotypical pregnancy craving.  Shower themes for two boy babies could be: sports or snails and puppy dog tails. You can even get creative with the food!

What Type of Gift To Buy For Twins

Obviously, having a twin baby shower means that you can’t only give one blanket and a onesie as the parents to be will need multiple sets of everything.  For shower gifts for multiple babies, you and the guests may have to get creative with the gifts.  People could pool money and get a twin or triplet stroller or give themed baskets of bath-time stuff, bed-time stuff or health care stuff.  Alternatively, if the family is set up with everything they will need for the baby, try to have a shower that is a baking party and have people buy and make food to stockpile in the family’s fridge and freezer, or do a diaper drive.

Even if a family has all the things they will need for a baby, they will never have enough diapers for multiple babies.  You could also do a shower that is only about mom and dad.  Have someone give them the promise of child care when everyone has settled in and have someone else give them a dinner out or a half day at the spa.

Planning a shower, no matter the amount of babies, should be fun and a last chance to shower the parents-to-be with gifts, support and love before they welcome their new addition.  Whatever you decide to do for gifts, theme or time, ensure it is something the family will be comfortable with and appreciate for their special twin baby shower. Enjoy!

Twin Baby Shower Ideas


Baby Shower Gift List

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Having a baby shower is one of the most enjoyable parts of pregnancy—who doesn’t love a party and getting lots of useful swag, all while being pampered by the people you care about the most? But baby showers aren’t just excuses to play silly games and eat yummy stuff with your friends and family: it’s an opportunity to stock up on valuable items that will prepare you and your home for the impending new addition to the family. Compiling a baby shower gift list, whether for a registry or for distribution amongs attendants, is the best way to ensure that you get the things you need and want. With that in mind, here is how to put together the best baby shower gift list.


Baby Shower Menu Ideas

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When planning a baby shower, the menu is usually one of the top ítems to consider—we all know how bad  or great food can make or break and party! There are many factors that should go into your consideration of baby shower menu ideas, such as the venue, the time of day and year, cost, and, especially, the mom-to-be’s preferences!


Should I register for my baby shower?

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A lot of moms to be wonder if it’s acceptable to register gifts for their baby shower.

Not only is it acceptable but it is also encouraged. Registering helps your family and friends make sure that they are purchasing what you need. It’s safe to say the last thing you want to deal with after you’ve had your baby is to drive all over your city exchanging your gifts because you’ve received 4 ear thermometers.  Register for everything that you want and need, even the big items.   It is very common for guests to go in as a group on a present.

Shopping online is an easy way for others to get presents.