When planning a baby shower, the menu is usually one of the top ítems to consider—we all know how bad  or great food can make or break and party! There are many factors that should go into your consideration of baby shower menu ideas, such as the venue, the time of day and year, cost, and, especially, the mom-to-be’s preferences!

  • Venue. Where you’re hosting the baby shower is very important when considering baby shower menu ideas. If you are having the event outside, make sure you are going to serve foods that are easily portable and can be served at room temperature. Finger foods are best for an outdoor baby shower, but if the shower is at a local restaurant or hall, you can consider something more elaborate, perhaps a sit-down brunch or lunch.
  • Time of Day or Year. Obviously, if you’re having the shower in the morning, you won’t want to serve chili or dinner fare, so the time of day should be an obvious hint as to how to properly plan your menu. Additionally, the time of year should factor in, too, since you wouldn’t want to try to serve a lot of out-of-season (and thus expensive and perhaps not so fresh) items, such as fruits. Planning around a holiday can be convenient—during the autumnn and winter, focus on heartier, warmer foods (soups, meats, etc.), while during the spring and summer months fruit and vegetable salads and other seasonal fare is more appropriate.
  • Cost. How much you can spend on a baby shower is a big item in the considerations column. Depending on how frugal you have to be, and how formal you want the event to be, you can tailor your menu ideas to fit. If you have a bigger budget, it might be helpful to bring in a party planner, who can take care of all the details. If your budget is smaller, make sure to take advantage of the other members of the party. Figure out your theme or what the mom-to-be would like in terms of eats and make a list. Have everyone bring something appropriate for the menu, that way you don’t overlap or have too many of the same items. This doesn’t just have to include menu items, but can also embrace decorations and other supplies. Friends are there to support the new mom, and almost anyone can afford to spring for or make something nice.
  • Theme/Mom-to-Be’s Personal Preferences. Now we get into the fun stuff! Baby shower menu ideas that incorporate a theme or something special that the new mom particularly enjoys makes the shower much more personal and interesting. Is she a sports fan, or is the baby a boy? Consider a sporty theme, complete with foods one might find at a sporting event (tailgate chili or wings, burgers, hot dogs…although you can ratchet down the calories and fat as needed by tailoring the ingredients). Is she obsessed with Hello Kitty? Make that your theme, and maybe have pregnant woman safe sushi (California rolls or sushi that has been cooked), cute little Hello Kitty cupcakes, etc. If she is a vegetarian or vegan, or has expressed any food aversions or preferences, make sure you keep that in mind, too.