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Cards by (YOUR) Kids

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We know your daughter is the next Emily Carr and your son is the next Picasso! Well even if they’re not, the art your child makes is still pretty spectacular and, most importantly, very special to you and to your little artist. Encouraging creativity gives children skills that go beyond art. Creative minds are the ones that can think outside the box and come up with the great new ideas that lead the world’s constant development. Now there’s a company, Art Cards by Kids, that creates individualized sets of greeting cards out of your child’s artwork, a great way to encourage that artist, build their confidence, share their vision and preserve their art for years to come.

Tips for Watching Fireworks with the Family

Tips for Watching Fireworks with the Family

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Summer may be over but Halloween is just around the corner! Here are some tips for enjoying fireworks with the family – including your kids and babies:

1. Bring ear plugs or leave babies, very young ones and other easily frightened children, with a sitter. The noise of the fireworks can be very scary for little ones and you want to avoid causing them to develop an early fear of fireworks. Ear plugs or head phones should do the trick (if they keep them on).

2. Bring a blanket, water, sunscreen, snacks and activities if you’re staking out a spot early. There are often summer treats at fireworks events. It’s OK to have a treat but make sure the kids have enough nutrition too.

3. Be aware of who is around you. Some fireworks events have a history of attracting a few rowdy folks. That shouldn’t deter you from taking your family, but just keep one eye on who is around you and if you’re concerned about someone’s behaviour, don’t hesitate to find a different spot before something happens near your little ones. Alternatively, you can alert an event organizer or event security if you are concerned about someone’s behaviour.

4. Take your garbage with you. Before it gets dark, round up all of your garbage and make sure to dispose of it properly. It’s important to help keep our beaches and parks clean for other families who will visit them the next day.

5. Enjoy the fireworks! They are an awe-inspiring feat of chemistry and artistry! You can use the time to teach your kids what science can do and feel the magic of the moment at the same time.

-Danica Longair


Finding Summer Childcare

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Summer ChildcareWHEN: Start Early. Beware the ides of March…because after that, before you know it …It’s June 15th.  Heads up,  If you are looking for someone to start in June… you should start your search at the end of March. Great, organized, on the ball nannies/babysitters/employees will also be looking early. If you leave it to the last minute…pickings can get quite slim.

time change and jet lag

Time changes and jet lag when traveling with kids

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A big concern many parents have about traveling is how time changes and jet lag will affect their child’s routine and sleeping patterns.  It’s a valid concern; we all know how jet lag makes us feel (zonked and cranky), and who wants to cope with a toddler in that same state?  According to pretty much any book or article you read, children cope with time changes and jet lag much better than adults do, acclimatizing much faster.

Too Many Toys

Too Many Toys

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by Prof. David Elkind

A year ago last fall, I was asked by the Hasbro Toy Company to consider being a spokesperson for their line of early childhood toys. Hasbro recently bought Playskol, a well established, and well regarded, maker of playthings for young children. Before accepting, I had a meeting with the manager of the division, and with some of the designers and creators, at their offices in Pawtucket Rhode Island. I was particularly interested in seeing their current crop of toys.


Nature Bag

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We can’t think of any activity more perfect than starting a great family nature tradition.  Teach your young future stewards of the planet how to engage with their environment, take home pine cones for crafts, and get fresh air and exercise while learning the names of bugs, plants and flowers.  These are memories of childhood that they will smile about for years to come. (and it may get you some future help with yardwork!)