We know your daughter is the next Emily Carr and your son is the next Picasso! Well even if they’re not, the art your child makes is still pretty spectacular and, most importantly, very special to you and to your little artist. Encouraging creativity gives children skills that go beyond art. Creative minds are the ones that can think outside the box and come up with the great new ideas that lead the world’s constant development. Now there’s a company, Art Cards by Kids, that creates individualized sets of greeting cards out of your child’s artwork, a great way to encourage that artist, build their confidence, share their vision and preserve their art for years to come.

Cards by Kids takes a photo or scan of any item of your child’s 2-dimensional art and uses it as the cover for a greeting card set. A painting, a drawing, a collage, a construction paper creation—you name it, they can create a card out of it! On the back cover, the company prints your child’s name (last name optional), age and the date of their creation. Then they mail you your personalized greeting card set. This personal touch is a great alternative to those tired drugstore cards. A great idea would be to create a series of cards, one for each year showcasing your child’s artistic, physical and emotional development. Soon your family and friends will be looking forward to seeing this year’s great new card. Most importantly you will give your child a fantastic sense of accomplishment and pride as you share their art with your friends and family. A unique opportunity like this teaches them early that there are so many possibilities for what they can accomplish!

To order your Cards by Kids personalized greeting card set visit their website and see what fantastic cards they can create with your child’s art!

-Danica Longair