Thanks to all of you who entered our JP Lizzy diaper bag contest, and congratulations to Susan Ryder, who won the draw!  We’ve compiled a few of your answers, as the activities while pregnant and with kids are inspiring.  We are thrilled to have so many readers who are so in love with life!

– This morning I was again holding my baby and watching the sky lighten.  The sunrise.  Watching the sunrise is my favorite “urban” activity.  I have never seen so many sunrises in my life.  The jewel of my motherhood is watching the day begin.

– Music is on 24/7 in our house & our most absolute favorite activity to do together is having a dance contest or singing along together to whatever song is on the radio/cd at the top of our lungs! It does not matter if it is sung well or not, as long as you are having a great time being goofy with no regret! We love it!

– My favorite pregnant activity is water aerobics. I do it twice a week and love it! I think my baby enjoys feeling the water on my belly.

– My 3 year old loves to do crafts and story time. She likes to have tea partys and enjoys shopping when she’s in the mood.  I love my kids to bits, just wish there were more hours in the day to spend with them and my husband.

– My favorite activity to do with my 1 1/2 year old is taking her to the community center gym for playtime.  She gets to burn up her energy running around exploring all the new toys and other kids, while I get a break and get to watch her learn new things each time we go!  By the time we get home, she’s ready to have a snack and take a nice long nap.

– My very favorite thing to do is go swimming and or floating, being weightless for a while is great!

– My favourite thing to do when pregnant and with my baby (in the summer) is go to the local park with my blankie and some toys and play in the shade.  What could be better than fresh air!

– I’m a mum of 4 and my favorite baby activity is going to mom and me classes.  I enjoy watching my children interact with other children while I’m able to meet  different people, also to listen to the different speakers on different situations we may have with our children and how to deal with them.

– My favorite activity to do while pregnant is to read to my belly and listen to music.  My other favorite is to watch my belly move because watching my baby move just simply makes me smile, it’s weird and exciting all at the same time.

– One of our favourite activities is simply going to the park. It is fun to watch her learn how to interact with other kids and learn new skills on the playground. There is also a little petting farm there and it is so cute to see her playing with little baby goats! And summer picnics are fun too.

– I look at Craigslist for all the great deals on kids stuff!!

– My favorite activity to do with my toddler (while pregnant with my second one) is playing doctor and comparing belly sizes!!… he loves using his Dr. play kit and pretends listening to our baby’s heart bit.

– My husband and I moved form Houston, Texas to Calgary in June…we love the mountains and our favorite activity this winter is snowshoeing! A wonderful activity that is safe and so scenic. It is important to pick a modest trail and pack plenty nutrients.

– My favorite thing – Grab a decaf skinny latte (for me) at Starbucks in Chapters, then go upstairs to the children’s section, find out when they have story time and enjoy in a cozy chair!  (They used to have a huge fish tank too that was a big hit for my little guy!)

– I am 6.5 months pregnant. My favourite activity right now is to lie down and just really feel all my baby girl’s movements. From her kicks to her turns it just makes me feel really close to her and assure me that she is in there and growing vibrantly. I can’t wait to meet her! While I countdown the next 2.5 months I will continue enjoying her motions inside my belly!

– One of the things that I like to do with my 10.5 month old is “where is your favourite toy hiding?”. I line up a few bowls upside down, and a small blanket or two. I then take one of his favourite toys and with him watching, put it under one of the bowls or blankets. He’ll then go to the location (usually) and retrieve it. For the next round, I’ll hide it somewhere different such as under a different bowl. He will go and get the toy again. The third time, I hide it without him looking, and he then has to find it – definitely a lot more challenging for him, but it gets his brain thinking in a different way.