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How not to be a soccer mom

How not to be a soccer mom (even though you may drive a minivan)

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For those urban chic mommies who detest the label of “soccer mom,” don’t despair. It isn’t a dirty word, after all. A soccer mom is a mom who is involved in their kids’ lives, and the trademark minivan just makes that easier. There is a bit of a darker connotation to the term, though. It has replaced the term “yuppie” in our cultural vocabulary. There are also a lot of expectations of moms nowadays, and a soccer mom is one who is always on top of everything, supposedly, who makes all the other “normal” moms look bad.

Taking care of YOU with a new baby

Taking care of you with a new baby

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Although having a baby is a normal and natural event, it is a time that requires a lot of adjustments. Consider these practical “post-partum” suggestions for taking care of you with a new baby so that you have the energy and desire to care for your newborn and your household in the way that you would like.  It can be difficult to make yourself a priority during this time, but you must care for yourself before you can nurture others.


Easy Ideas for Year-Round Romance

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I never get flowers on Valentine’s Day.  I made the decision long ago that I’d rather a bouquet every month for no reason than an overpriced bunch of roses on February 14th that won’t last long.  Really, what do men and women need?  To feel loved and cared about.  Flowers, chocolate and all of the commercial trappings pushed on society once a year don’t always translate into a feeling of being loved.  Why not try some of these ideas that will cost next to nothing but make your partner feel truly cared about?  Here are some Easy Ideas for Year-Round Romance.  Feel free to add your own.

The 5-Minute Face for Busy Moms

The 5-Minute Face for Busy Moms

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We’ve all been there – about to rush out the door, and we happen to catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirrorWow.  No Makeup.  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel vibrant and productive all day while we were getting groceries and schlepping kids?  How much earlier would we have to wake up to make ourselves look presentable in  5 MINUTES.  FLAT.  (Honestly).  Many busy moms don’t even attempt lipgloss half the time even though our appearance affects self esteem and confidence.  So we asked the lovely Sarah Norris-Jones from Kiss and Makeup for a 5-minute face for busy moms . 


How to be a Yummy Mummy

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Have you noticed that ‘momming’ is not only big business, but it has gained an increasing amount of sex appeal and glamour in the past decade?  Gone are the frumpy Moo Moos and demure floral prints in XL sizes that we were once expected to wear.  Enter the Yummy Mummy.  While some find this term derogatory, we have a very positive image of this fabulous woman.  Pregnancy is a time of change and can ground you firmly to your past and future.  Your body is beautiful as it grows.  You are special.  And you deserve to feel sexy and gorgeous.  Our Yummy Mummy Tips:

Weightloss while breastfeeding

Weight Loss while Breastfeeding

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Losing weight is a concern for many mothers after the birth of a baby. Mothers may ask if it is possible to lose weight and breastfeed. During pregnancy, women gain extra pounds to store energy for producing breast milk. For some women, breastfeeding makes it easier to lose weight, since additional calories are used. Mothers who do not breastfeed will need to rely totally on diet and exercise to burn additional calories.
Dr. Judith Roepke, a nutritionist at Ball State University in Indiana and a member of LLLI’s Health Advisory Council, feels that the ideal time to lose weight is during lactation.


With a Newborn, time Stops

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SunflowerAs summer slips into crisp and busy autumn, we have always been taught to switch gears. When we were in school, this time of year meant new outfits and funky pencil cases. Time to learn. Time to re-aquaint with the friends who were at the cottage all summer. And then you got older. Don’t you remember pouring over the thickest Vogue of the year to master that year’s trends? Tweed? Chocolate brown?