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The Winter Beauty Rut

beauty, GEAR By March 3, 2016 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , No Comments

Many of our readers know that I have struggled with depression in the past, and somehow this winter has been harder than most. Today I gave myself gentle permission for some self care and set out to fix the winter beauty rut.

The 5-Minute Face for Busy Moms

The 5-Minute Face for Busy Moms

FAM, self By October 7, 2010 Tags: , , 2 Comments

We’ve all been there – about to rush out the door, and we happen to catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirrorWow.  No Makeup.  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel vibrant and productive all day while we were getting groceries and schlepping kids?  How much earlier would we have to wake up to make ourselves look presentable in  5 MINUTES.  FLAT.  (Honestly).  Many busy moms don’t even attempt lipgloss half the time even though our appearance affects self esteem and confidence.  So we asked the lovely Sarah Norris-Jones from Kiss and Makeup for a 5-minute face for busy moms . 

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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