We’ve all been there – about to rush out the door, and we happen to catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror.  Wow.  No Makeup.  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel vibrant and productive all day while we were getting groceries and schlepping kids?  How much earlier would we have to wake up to make ourselves look presentable in  5 MINUTES.  FLAT.  (Honestly).  Many busy moms don’t even attempt lipgloss half the time even though our appearance affects self esteem and confidence.  So we asked the lovely Sarah Norris-Jones from Kiss and Makeup for a 5-minute face for busy moms .  Here it is:

1. Tinted moisturizer is easy to apply and combines two steps in one.  Try Stila tinted moisturizers with SPF 15. ($45)

2. Apply Cargo Blu-ray concealer under the eye to brighten the area fool everyone into thinking you are well rested. This product doesn’t settle into any fine lines and doesn’t require any powder to set it. ($28)

3. Key Largo blush by Cargo will make you look fresh and awake. ($26)

4. A sweep of mascara is a must and Kiss Me Mascara is smudge proof, and waterproof all day, but is easily removed at night with just warm water and a little pressure. ($30)

5. Lip gloss finishes the look and Becca’s sheer lip colour in sangria is natural, pretty and not at all sticky! ($28)