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Dealing with Fickle Picky Eaters

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One day they like mustard and the next, it’s only BBQ sauce.

And while one kid loves gnocci the other will only eat pasta.

Sandwiches with cheese are gross but macaroni and cheese is a favourite.

Smoothies aren’t real food, but when frozen into popsicles they are perfectly good sustenance.

Deceptively DeliciousNo Cry Picky Eater SolutionDealing with fickle picky eaters can give moms and dads a bunch of extra grey hair, and at times it is hard to remember that fussy eating is a normal stage for kids when learning about themselves. Experts constantly weigh in on methods to ensure healthy eating and Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious cookbook about hiding healthy foods within meals sold millions of copies and Elizabeth Pantley’s No-Cry Picky Eater Solution is also a great resource that flies off the shelves. So you’re not alone if you’re a tad frustrated!

Personally, I’m a really (really) busy mom, and while sometimes I cook up a storm, I can’t always guarantee home cooking, nor can I ensure that the kids will eat their painstakingly prepared school lunches. (One with mustard and one with BBQ sauce). When they were babies I knew if they were eating too many carrots and squash because they’d have an orange hue to their skin. Now, I have no idea if their calcium levels are adequate, their iron is ok and in Canada (especially on the East coast this year) I can pretty much guarantee that the kids have a vitamin D deficiency. Research shows that up to 85% of people do not have adequate vitamin D levels and Vitamin D deficiency is at its peak after the winter season.

Our family has been taking Iron Kids and Adult Essentials gummies for a few months, and we are all loving it. With a wide selection of nut and gluten-free options, I give them a few per day based on what their diet has been like recently. The multivitamin is great, but usually I toss them a calcium as well. IronKids Calcium is also fortified with vitamin D to ensure that your kids can absorb and utilize the calcium they need for bones and teeth. Calcium intake can decrease significantly without daily intake of vitamin D

The boys won’t leave the house until they’ve had their vitamin treats, and they compare shapes and flavours with each other in delight. This begins my day knowing that I’ve covered the bases in case they forget to eat their lunch because the school soccer game is too distracting, and my stress level about their nutrition has been dramatically reduced.

We have a summer full of sailing, golf, soccer and tennis so the whole family needs all the nutrients we can get!

IronKids GummiesYou can learn lots more about nutrition and health on the Iron Kids website, and they also have a great bi-weekly newsletter!

Disclosure: I am part of the Life Science Nutritionals blogger program with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Being Healthy in Tahiti

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Being Healthy in TahitiI’m really not a ‘perfect’ parent. I try, but sometimes after I’ve helped with the homework, prepared the ski bags, trimmed their nails and nagged about manners, I realize that the day’s proper nutrition didn’t quite happen. I used to be the mom who was obsessed with steaming homemade baby food and baking healthy snacks, but my youngest is an especially picky candy monster and sometime I simply don’t have the energy to battle about broccoli.

With a desire to pursue constant tree-climbing, his lack of energy and proper nutrition have become an issue. I don’t want him to be sleepy in school, and with a huge March Break trip looming, I decided my goal was to make nutritional changes so that the whole family would be healthy in Tahiti. Sometimes a mom needs a bit of help, though.

I decided to start both boys on IronKids gummies in order to boost their vitamin and nutrient intake. Slowly the soccer kicks got harder and the smiles got brighter. And then we embarked on a huge trip to Tahiti and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle in my little one were seen everywhere I turned.

There was the high dive off the catamaran inJump off Catamaran Bora Bora Bora Bora.

And then the reeling in of a Ramora fish.
Bora Bora Fish Catching

And being able to sustain a dance party on the deck of the boat in heavy surf.
Dance Party on Deck

I noticed such a change in them both that I vowed to start the vitamin program myself. I need to be healthier in order to keep up with the monkeys – and given that Adult Essentials Gummies Multivitamin won the 2015 Canadian Living Best New Product Award in the Health category, as voted on by Canadian consumers, they were a great place to start!

Adult Essentials GummiesAdult Essentials and Iron Kids gummies are formulated with the unique nutritional needs of men and women in mind and they are also gluten, dairy and nut free.

So the next time we hit a catamaran in the South Pacific? I’m jumping off the top deck too!!


This is a sponsored post from Ir on Kids Gummies and Adult Essentials Vitamins. All opinions (and results!!) are our own.