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Efeet by Dylan Kendall

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efeetTalk about standing on your own feet.  Check out Efeet,  Dylan Kendall’s new line of footed home accessories.  In today’s world, being normal is over-rated.  We all want people to notice how nice our home is or how great cool our dishes are.  The Efeet Collection is the perfect conversation starter and takes a stand against the run-of-the-mill boring dishware. Turning the world of traditional dish ware on its head, this collection proves to add that little touch of whimsy everyone longs for.  From footed mugs, bowls, mugs and even bathroom sets, these dishes will be a huge hit at any event or gathering.

Better yet – like charity and animals?  By purchasing a new footed bowl for your pet through you will help animals in need.  $1 of each dog bowl pre-sold through the Indiegogo campaign will go to Hope For Paws — a remarkable dog rescue doing critical work in South Central Los Angeles (where I have family) and $1 of each cat bowl pre-sold through the Indiegogo campaign will go to Stray Cat Alliance whose work rescuing homeless cats and advocating for a No Kill Los Angeles is vital to raising awareness and making a difference to the lives of cats on the streets.



6 iPad Recipe Apps and Accessories for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving iPad AppsWe know you’ve done it: spilled flour/milk/grape jelly on your iPad while trying to follow a recipe.  This Thanksgiving, spend more time on the table decor and less on futzing around with recipe books by getting technical.  There are a few things you’ll need, but we guarantee you’ll become hooked.  Not only will you want to spend all your time trying new things in the kitchen, but your prowess will win over the hearts and health of the family.  We’ve got 6 iPad recipe apps and accessories that will make your Thanksgiving dinner easy-peasy. Ready?

1.  An iPad.  Not that you don’t have one already.  But if you don’t (or have a hankering for the latest)… the fourth generation iPad has a gorgeous 9.7-inch Retina display perfect for viewing digital recipes and cookbooks as well as video tutorials. And with it’s advanced dual-band Wi-Fi you can download and stream content at remarkable speeds.  Not that you’re watching Real Housewives while you cook or anything.

2.  This is the best ever for those of you who cover your screen with ingredients. Protect your iPad with Chef Sleeve’s Disposable Sleeves. 

3.  Get Appy.  Apps, not appetizers.  These are some favourites:

a) Shopping List Free Universal (Free)  Sort your items into store departments and organize your shipping trip!

b) GrocerySmart Universal (Free)  Sync and share lists across multiple users and devices.

c) MealGuru iPad ($3.99) MealGuru transforms your iPad into a mobile meal planning solution capable of whipping up deliciously healthy dinner ideas for every day of the week.

d) MealBoard Universal ($2.99) MealBoard combines recipe management, meal planning, groceries and pantry management into a single app. 

e) Evernote Food Universal (Free) Discover and save delicious recipes and amazing restaurants, add photos, notes and location to remember your food and experiences and share with your friends via email. Twitter and Facebook.

f)  Big Oven Universal (Free) The most complete cooking tool for getting inspired and organized in the kitchen and on-the-go. Take 250,000+ recipes wherever you go.

4.  Be a stand up chef.  Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Kitchen Stand for Tablets is a must have.  And while you’re at it you may as well order some new Vitamix accessories, a new chef’s knife, Thanksgiving decor…..

5.  No counter space?  Attach your iPad directly onto the fridge with the minimalist-inspired Belkin fridge mount.  Space-age.

6.  Want to write down recipe modifications or create your own?  Geek out with the Cube – Bluetooth Laser Projected Keyboard.  (PS. It’s on sale).

We’ll also be publishing lots of hearty Thanksgiving recipes, so feel free to bookmark our recipe section on your iPad too.



Marshalls Comes to Canada

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Marshalls CanadaI was a bit of a fashionista from early on.  And a good shopper.  Ski trips to Bangor, Maine always included a three-hour escapade to Marshalls, where my Vuarnet shirts, Esprit cords and Ralph Lauren polo shirts were found.  (It was the 80s).  Finally the day has come!   Marshalls will expand across Canada this year with 13 new stores opening from Vancouver to Montreal, offering its wide selection of big brand fashions, accessories and boxed footwear for the entire family at well below department store prices.  Can’t talk.  Hyperventilating with excitement.

In addition to apparel and accessories for the whole family, every Marshalls boasts a huge selection of more than 8,000 pairs of designer and brand name boxed footwear. (Still hyperventilating).  At 55,000 square feet, the new Toronto flagship store at Yonge & Gerrard is the largest Marshalls store in Canada. As of August 2013, all Marshalls stores will offer home and décor along with apparel and accessories.

The ‘Marshalls Comes to Canada’ store address and locations:

Toronto, ON – 382 Yonge Street
Vancouver, BC – 8137 Ontario Street
Winnipeg, MB – 110 – 600 Empress Street
Hamilton, ON – 1161 Barton Street East
London, ON – 3165 Wonderland Road South
Mississauga, ON – 3126 Argentia Road
Markham, ON – 8675 McCowan Road
Abbotsford, BC – High Street

So if anyone wants to do a Via Rail fashion shopping tour with me from coast to coast, I’m in.  And I promise my style has matured since the ’80s.

halloween pet safety

Halloween Pet Safety

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Haloween Pet SafetySafety during Halloween extends to the entire family including pets. These safety tips from PetSmart will help ensure pet parents and their pets have a safe and fun Howl-O-Ween.

·         Keep them happy. “Before having pets join in the Halloween fun, it’s important to assess whether your pet will be comfortable participating or if the festivities will cause undue stress,” says Dr. Simon Starkey, pet care expert at PetSmart. “Pets may be alarmed to find a ghost or witch at the front door so make sure there’s a quiet space away from all the activity in case your pet needs it.”

·         Make sure treats are pet friendly. Many Halloween treats are not pet-friendly, especially those containing chocolate. Make sure to choose pet-safe treats to celebrate, such as GREENIES® Dental Chews, which also keep pets’ teeth clean and ensures their breath isn’t scary.

·         Keep them safe. If you plan to walk your dog around the neighborhood in the evening, make sure they’re properly outfitted and at ease around strangers and crowds. An adult should always have control of the dog’s leash, and reflective leashes, collars or ID tags are essential accessories. Some pet costumes also offer safety features such as the glow-in-the-dark Martha Stewart Pets™ black Halloween skeleton costume.

·         Decorations without danger. Halloween decorations can be scary, but should not be dangerous. Pet parents need to make sure curious cats and dogs are unable to reach lights, decorations, candles and other festive items.


Travel Doesn’t Need to Be Uncomfortable: Travel Beds for Small Children

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PeaPod Plus Baby Travel Bed: More like a cocoon than a bed

Urban Mommies always seem to be on the go, especially in the summer! When traveling with our little ones, finding a comfy place for them to sleep can be a source of concern.  It’s easy to feel like Goldilocks in the house of the Three Bears:  our children are too big for a pack-n-play or a crib but they are too small to be comfortable in a large adult bed.  What’s a mom to

do?  We need to find a bed that is just right, and these travel beds for small children do the trick.


The solution?  A Travel bed specially designed and shaped to accommodate infant/toddler and young child age groups.  There is an assortment from which to choose including: inflatable air mattresses, simple and light-weight cots, lightweight play yards many of which come with a bassinet for small babies.  Some travel beds are also equipped with folding bed rails for children who have a tendency to roll out of bed in the middle of the night.  Most importantly, because many of the travel beds are inflatable, they are also quite portable, light-weight and c

an easily be folded to fit into a car or a closet.

Several makers of child travel beds and different styles of travel beds are available.The Urbanmommies Editors found the following child and infant travel beds particularly pleasing:


PeaPod Plus Baby Travel Bed

Unlike the hardier and bulkier play yards of our youth, the PeaPod Plus Baby Travel Bed is more like a “travel cocoon.”  The mattress is inflatable and, when baby is finished sleeping, can be folded into a compact tote for easy carrying; no more lugging around the heavy pack-n-play! This travel bed is also outdoor-friendly: the mesh bubble blocks bugs, wind, and half of the UV rays. The mattress inflates in less than 5 minutes using the a specific pump (sold separately by Leaps and Bounds).

Guava Family GoCrib

Guava Family GoCrib

The GoCrib is a standard size, ultra-portable travel crib that packs into a lightweight backpack for families that are on the go.

Because it’s inflatable, it is pretty easy to assemble.  But, once it is set up the rigid structure creates a strong and safe environment.  The product features a 27″ x 39″ insulating mattress and a 25″ depth sleeping and play area (same as a standard play yard).


My Cot Portable Travel Bed

My Cot Portable Travel Bed

I wish that they had something like the My Cot Portable Travel Bed when I was a child.  It would have made sleeping at my grandparents’ house a lot more comfortable.  This portable cot can go to Grandma’s, day care as easily as it can be transported to sleepovers!  The bed is slightly lifted off the ground leaving enough room underneath to ensure that the children sleeping on it stay comfy and dry whether the cot is indoors and out. It even comes with its own carry bag.


Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed with Removable Mattress

We love the Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed with Removable Mattress. It’s so easy to assemble my daughter and her cousins argue about how’s turn it is to inflate the mattress.  The famous inflatable bed features a larger, fully-detached mattress, for snugglier sleepovers and easier linen changes. Soft and cushy, with a flocked surface that’s not sticky, it also built-in safety bumpers. The Tuck-Me-In  is very light and folds compactly.  The pump and tote included in the price of the bed. Further, if your little one is a sheet lover, like my daughter is, you can purchase the coordinating travel bed accessories from One Step Ahead too.


Intex Cozy Kid Air Bed

My 8 year-old daughter is begging me for a bed that can accommodate all her friends when they have a sleep over.  Rather than pull out the old sleeper sofa’s mattress, we elected to go the less time consuming and affordable route and took a look at the Cozy Kidz Airbeds.  The Intex Cozy Kid Air Bed Twin Size comes in three bright fun colors: pink, blue and orange . Both the pillow-top and mattress-top are lightly flocked which adds comfort while also preventing the sheets from sliding off of the mattress.  This is the perfect air mattress to take on a sleepover or even family camping trips. The beds are 34.5″ Wide x 62″ Long x 7″ height (slightly shorter than the average twin bed) but the dimensions may vary up to two inches depending on firmness and come with built in pillows. Even better?  The mattresses can withstand more than 200lbs which means more than one child can sit on it at a time before having to worry that they are going to cause the mattress to deflate.  One note, the mattress does not come with a built in pump.

Traveling with small children doesn’t have to be painful.  Most Urban Mommies know that the first step to having a happy child is ensuring that child has had a good night’s sleep.  With so many great travel bed choices, we know that you & your family will find the right one (or two?  or three?)  that works for you.

Good luck! And safe travels!

on the go breakfast

Busy Mom Recipes: Best On-the-Go Breakfasts

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Yes, we’ve all heard it: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It’s true, though, that kids and adults need a good breakfast to start out, giving the body and brain the fuel it needs to take on the challenges the day brings. Kids who eat breakfast are less likely to develop diabetes or become obese. The list goes on. But if you’re like me (the anti-“Morning Person”) or just don’t have the time to cook a big breakfast, these easy recipes for on-the-go breakfasts will revolutionize your AM. Say goodbye to cereal!

1. Dressed-up Yogurt. All it takes is some yogurt and toppings: cereal, granola, fruit, jam, toasted nuts, honey, whatever. Yogurt (try to make sure it’s not the fatty and ultra-sugary kind, stick to Greek-style yogurt, or unflavored) is great for you, providing calcium and lots of other things. Jazz it up by mixing in other things, especially granola, which lends a satisfying crunch as well as fiber.

2. Breakfast Quesadilla. Who doesn’t love apples and cheese? If you have five minutes, you can make this super-easy, super-tasty dish. All you need are some apple slices, shredded Cheddar cheese, and flour tortillas. Fill the tortillas with the cheese and apples and toast lightly on each side, allowing the cheese to melt and apples to warm up. This recipe is nutritious (tons of calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals), the cheese provides a satisfying dose of healthy fats, and it’s tasty!

3. Pizza Muffins. All you need are English muffins, some shredded cheese, and tomato sauce (plus any other ingredients you have lying around). Let the kids assemble their own, per their preferences, and pop them into the toaster oven or broiler. Your kids will love them, and they’ll give them plenty of nutrition and energy for the day ahead.

4. Smoothies. If you own a blender, it’s your ticket to great simple breakfasts and snacks. Make sure to keep milk, yogurt, fruit, and other ingredients on hand. It’s amazing how many combinations you can make. Our favorite? The orange dreamsicle smoothie: orange juice, vanilla yogurt, honey, and granola.

5. Pita Pockets. Pita bread is versatile, tasty, and good for you. If you’re crunched on time, grab a couple of pitas and stuff them with whatever you have on hand. My favorite is ham or sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and dijon mustard. Or, if you have time, pile in some scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, ham, veggies…the possibilities are endless. Pitas fit the hand easily and make a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

6. Homemade Toaster Pastries. Yes, we all guiltily love those toaster pastries sold in the stores, but they’re loaded with preservatives, fats, and sugar. Did you know, you can make your own at home? Just take two slices of bread, cut off the crusts, and sandwich your preferred fillings between them. Then, using a fork, press the edges of the slices of bread together, like crimping a pie crust, and pop it into the toaster. Peanut butter and jelly, jam and butter, brown sugar and raisins, the sky’s the limit. Helpful hint: use a toaster with the extra-wide slots, which are usually designated as for bagels.

7. Quiche Muffins. Quiche is basically scrambled eggs and other stuff, in a pie-like form. You can make your own mini-quiches by combining beaten eggs and your choice of ingredients (ham, veggies, spices, cheeses, etc.) in a greased muffin tin until the tops are golden and the centers set.

8. Breakfast Crostini Sandwiches. If you have access to fresh-baked, crusty French bread, then make use of it. A loaf of bread, split lengthwise, becomes a blank palette for culinary experimentation. Butter, jam, cream cheese, shredded cheeses, sliced meats, fruit, honey, whatever you like–it can be layered or smeared, popped into the oven, and become a fantastic, filling, and tasty breakfast.

9. Hot Cereal. Whether you prefer oatmeal, grits, Cream of Wheat, or something else, hot cereal is filling and satisfying. Take your favorite hot cereal and get creative: oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar, and cinnamon is fantastic. Grits with shredded cheese and butter is amazing. Cream of wheat with strawberry jam and granola is awesome. All of these cereals are available in “instant” (meaning, boil water or microwave first) varieties, so add some nutrition and flavor by being inventive.


Best Gadgets for Mom

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I love gadgets, but I admit that they’re intimidating sometimes. The purpose of a great gadget is to be easy to use and to make your life simpler and more streamlined. Modern mums have to be tech-friendly to a certain degree, especially hip mums like us, right? Besides the essentials (smartphone or PDA, iPod/MP3 player, laptop or tablet computer), check out these mom-centric gadgets that will make your life a lot easier…plus they’re a lot of fun!