I was at the grocery store the other day waiting for the restroom. And waiting. For a long time. I totally get that changing a diaper can go awry, but 30 minutes in a single, public restroom? No matter. I’ve had two kids and some days are just bad. The mom stormed out after changing her child’s diaper and yelled “Give me room!” almost knocking me down. I never get angry, but this time I was miffed. Not as miffed, however, as when I went in and the public restroom looked as if a bomb had exploded. Luckily for me and the staff it wasn’t ‘that’ kind of bomb, but the room was a mess. Paper towels all over the changing table, unflushed toilet, and water all around.

My mom philosophy has always been to not judge others and let parents be the best they can be, but having a child does not mean that rules of human decency can be simply thrown out the window. Babies will cry, kids will have tantrums, and every mom has very bad days. When a child cries on a plane, I guarantee that most people feel more worried about you as a parent than irritated. It’s when moms develop a sense of entitlement and privilege that people get irritated. You have decided to become a parent and it doesn’t mean that other people should clean up the messes caused by your family. Take a breath. Work it out.

We have all witnessed the restaurant scenario. A few families get together for lunch with all the kids. They’re vibrant and loud, kids laugh and cry and squeal, and it’s all totally fine…until they get up from the table and leave. Highchairs are askew, food covers the floor and the chairs, broken complimentary crayons are smushed into the carpet or have been used to draw on the bare tables. And they just left and went home with it all like that. But they have kids, it’s par for the course, right?

Wrong. Manners and propriety apply to everyone, people. Everywhere. Even if you are still acclimatizing to being a mom, you’ve been a human for several years now and you should know better. The bottom line is, if you can’t find a way to be respectful to other humans, eat at home.