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UrbanMommies is joining the Golden Age of podcasting. These are conversations worth eavesdropping on. (And you don’t need your bionic Mom playground hearing for this one). Welcome to the podcast playground.

Unique Perspective of Lower Manhattan: The Downtown Experience

EAVESDROP, ROAM, Seen, USA By July 3, 2017 Tags: , 3 Comments

You’re headed to the Big Apple, and you’d love to take in a show, but you’re limited on time and budget. You want to explore Lower Manhattan, but the weather isn’t exactly cooperating.

Or maybe you’ve got your kids with you and they are not interested in hiking all over looking at old buildings and statues while you read from a guide book. Let’s be honest, you’re fed up from wrestling the devices out of their hands when they get even slightly bored.

I could list dozens of reasons why you might be interested in The Downtown Experience, Powered by The Ride. Any one of them would be valid, but it would be window dressing for the real reason: It’s a blast.

The Perfect Wedding Hallmark

Pascale Hutton: Cherishing the Environment

EAVESDROP, Overheard By June 5, 2017 1 Comment

Born in Creston, BC, Pascale Hutton studied fine arts at the University of Alberta. A mother of two young boys, Hutton has a huge amount of passion for nature, and constantly models a love of nature for her two boys, ages 6 and 2. On today’s Facebook Live, I talked about the interview and how I plan to do small things to help the environment with my kids in order to get rid of the helpless feeling I have since the USA pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. It seems that Pascale and I are on the same page!

Teaching Kids Activism

Sara Rue: The Activist Actor

EAVESDROP, Overheard By May 24, 2017 No Comments

Actors have many roles, and for mother of two Sara Rue, being an activist in today’s political climate is as important to her as any theatrical performance. With her daughters in tow, Rue recently participated in the climate march from where she was filming, setting an inspiring example for her kids. A celebrated actor on stage and screen, you have probably caught her as Carmen Ferrara on Popular, and as Claude Casey on Less than Perfect. As a huge sitcom fan, I loved her performance in The Big Bang Theory, playing Leonard Hofstadter’s physician girlfriend Dr. Stephanie Barnett for three episodes.

Parenting Spiritually

Ashley Scott on Parenting Spiritually in LA

EAVESDROP, Overheard By April 27, 2017 2 Comments

The first two things I noticed about Ashley Scott (besides her flawless beauty) were words on her twitter account. ‘Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life’ is her bio, and a few days ago she tweeted 11.11. Whoa. I am one who constantly sees 11:11 on a clock, and knew inherently that I was going to enjoy our interview with Ashley Scott on parenting spiritually in LA.


Nikki Deloach on Postpartum Depression

EAVESDROP, Overheard By April 21, 2017 No Comments

Sometimes you speak to a person and it makes you a better woman and mother. So was the case when I spoke to Nikki Deloach the day before her new film,”Perfect Catch,” which premieres on the Hallmark channel on April 22nd. In the podcast below, I talk to Nikki about her 3 year old son, her current pregnancy and the insane judgments hurled on us by other parents. We also spend much of the interview discussing what got her through her own struggles with postpartum depression and how the challenges associated with this mental illness helped her become an even better actor.


Parenting in Hollywood with Lacey Chabert

EAVESDROP, Seen By April 6, 2017 1 Comment

Chatting with Lacey Chabert, it was clear why she has been such a success. It has been said that her voice is like cotton candy – and chatting to her while her 6-month old baby cooed in the background, I had a hunch that Lacey could lull the little one to sleep with a few whispers. Saturday, April 8th marks the debut of Lacey’s latest Hallmark Channel film called “Moonlight in Vermont“. Playing a successful, driven realtor who gets dumped by her boyfriend, the character heads to Vermont for the weekend and discovers that her beau is already in a relationship. Panicking, she creates a make-believe relationship and the story gets complicated!


Vanessa Marcil: Teaching Boys to Respect Women

EAVESDROP, Overheard By April 6, 2017 1 Comment

Chatting with Vanessa Marcil about her new film on the Lifetime Network airing April 8th, 2017, I was struck by her prowess in psychology. She explains that being dark-haired, she often plays the villain, and yet looks for the light in these characters in order to give them depth. This Saturday on the Lifetime Network, “The Wrong Mother” will debut. When a professional mom (Marcil) of twin toddlers has a mishap, she and her pilot husband must hire help in the house in order to keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, their hire is not ideal. Vanessa confirmed that I may need a glass of wine before watching this movie! The plot sounds completely riveting and not to be missed on Saturday.

Charlotte Jenkins GotStyle

Breaking Down the Style Basics: An Interview with Charlotte Jenkins

beauty, EAVESDROP, Overheard, style By January 24, 2017 No Comments

UrbanMommies talked to Charlotte Jenkins, on how she balances motherhood with a public and demanding role at Toronto’s fashion hot-shop, GOTStyle.

Best of all, she gave us the inside scoop on how moms AND dads can play the part of parent of the year, without adopting the ‘look’.

At work, Charlotte has tackled everything from “glam stuff to the not-so-glamorous” for all three of GOTStyle’s retail platforms. Between “problem-solving, getting things done on the fly, as well as fixing things… It’s definitely prepared me for being a mother. Well, nothing can prepare you for being a mother, but…”


Hey, Bono – You Go, Girl!

EAVESDROP, Seen By November 4, 2016 No Comments

For those of you who haven’t heard: Bono, aka U2 songstress, has been named as one of several “Women of the Year” by Glamour Magazine. Read that sentence again, if you must. It is admittedly a teeny bit bewildering at first. But ladies, hear me out. It really does start to make sense if we just put our thinking caps on!


Weird But True! A Charlie Engleman Interview

EAVESDROP, Overheard By October 4, 2016 No Comments

Have you been keeping up with the new shows? Hopefully, you haven’t missed Weird But True! from National Geographic Kids on FOX broadcast stations on Saturday mornings and as an hour-long radio show on SiriusXM radio on Friday evenings. The Weird But True TV show debuted on Saturday, September 10, and hosts Charlie and Kirby Engelman continue to delight. These siblings and science-lovers explore the fun, strange and surprising ways our world works in Weird But True. From exploring shipwrecks to discovering how our senses work, no topic is off-limits for the curious duo.