The first two things I noticed about Ashley Scott (besides her flawless beauty) were words on her twitter account. ‘Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life’ is her bio, and a few days ago she tweeted 11.11. Whoa. I am one who constantly sees 11:11 on a clock, and knew inherently that I was going to enjoy our interview with Ashley Scott on parenting spiritually in LA.

ashley-scott-parentingMom of two girls ages 1 and 7, Scott resides in a welcoming Los Angeles valley and is married to Steve Hart, Worlds Apart lead singer. A model and successful actor, she stars on Saturday in Manny Dearest on the Lifetime Network. The premise of this thriller is terrifying, as a single mom hires a ‘manny’ whose ultimate goal is to make the family his own – even if it means murder. SCARY!

I had the chance to interview Ashley about life in Hollywood, mothering and her illustrious career. Asked how she deals with the juxtaposition of spirituality, parenting, fame and life in LA, she credits her family and friend connections. We talk about raising girls in an era of social media and online bullying, and her recent trip to Cuba. (She’s been three times – twice legally).

Ashley Scott’s wisdom struck me when she spoke of intuition and how we are born with understanding of right and wrong inately. Don’t force a child to hug a grandparent just so the adult won’t be uncomfortable. The child should hug when they feel inclined. We should be making sure it is the child who does not feel anxious. She said this far better than I just did, as you will hear in the podcast. She also recommends the book ‘Between Parent and Child‘ by Dr. Haim G. Ginott, which I will scoop up for myself. We concluded the interview talking about choosing a family vehicle.

You’ll have to listen to find out the amazing car that she drives!

manny-dearestManny Dearest airs this Saturday, April 29th on the Lifetime Network.