Have you been keeping up with the new shows? Hopefully, you haven’t missed Weird But True! from National Geographic Kids on FOX broadcast stations on Saturday mornings and as an hour-long radio show on SiriusXM radio on Friday evenings. The Weird But True TV show debuted on Saturday, September 10, and hosts Charlie and Kirby Engelman continue to delight. These siblings and science-lovers explore the fun, strange and surprising ways our world works in Weird But True. From exploring shipwrecks to discovering how our senses work, no topic is off-limits for the curious duo.

As part of the National Geographic Kids Insiders, we had a chance to talk with Charlie Engleman about the new Wierd But True TV debut on a recorded podcast, and one of the best parts of the entire discussion was that my boys were listening in. Once again, National Geographic has provided my kids a peek into the wonders of science. They listened intently to his adventures in filming, his favourite episodes and love of discovery.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.11.57 AMNat Geo Kids is continuing the weirdness online at NatGeoKids.com/WBT and on social media with #WeirdButTrueWednesdays, a regular stream of Weird but True! facts on National Geographic Kids Facebook and Twitter (@NGKids) every Wednesday. National Geographic Kids magazine launched the Weird But True! section of the magazine showcasing wild and wacky facts with fun and vibrant designs and pictures in September 2004. It quickly became the most popular feature in the magazine every single issue.

Charlie and Kirby

Here is the recording, and we hope to watch with you on Saturday mornings!