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UrbanMommies is joining the Golden Age of podcasting. These are conversations worth eavesdropping on. (And you don’t need your bionic Mom playground hearing for this one). Welcome to the podcast playground.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall Talks Safe, Fun Hockey

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I had the incredible opportunity to meet Olympic Gold-medallist Cassie Campbell-Pascall in Calgary with my son Ford. Chevrolet Canada sponsors a hockey helmet program, giving helmets to kids involved in organized hockey. We discussed signs and symptoms of concussions and also had the opportunity to join Cassie on the ice for some fun drills. (Shooting rubber chickens into the net is hugely satisfying!)

What I realized through the experience of listening to Cassie is that sport should be fun. If kids aren’t having fun, they won’t love sport. And if kids don’t feel safe while engaging in sport, they won’t have fun.  Pretty simple, but I know several parents who need to realize this in order for sport to be a beautiful part of life.

Cassie Campbell

As Cassie Campbell-Pascall sees it, “we need to understand our role, not just within hockey, but in minor sports in general. We need to ask our coaches “what are goals for the team for this year?” Is it about having fun? Is it about teaching our kids about respect and responsibility and hard work and teamwork and discipline and competition and all those things? Or is it about just winning? It’s really really fun to win, but do you remember how many games you won last year? Do you remember the tournaments you went to though, and the fun times you went to with your teammates? That’s what we remember.”

She talks of the experiences the team had at hotels and on trips – bonding, co-operating and growing as human beings. That’s what makes sport transformative.

I was interviewed as part of the evening and it’s obvious that these Olympians touched me deeply. Thanks, Chevrolet for putting safety and fun into sport.


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A look at the Versace Mansion in South Beach

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Date night? Romantic getaway?  If you are on a much needed adult sojourn into Miami’s South Beach neighbourhood, a viewing and a meal at the former Versace Mansion in South Beach should be included in your bucket list.  Oh come on.  Just get a room there.  No named The Villa by Barton G., the structure at 1116 Ocean Drive is an exclusive boutique hotel.  Jill Amery attended a function at the mansion as part of the Mom 2.0 Summit.  Sponsored by Intel’s Ultrabook, the event featured dancing and incredible food catered by Chef Jeff O’Neill.  She is currently devising every possible excuse to get back to Miami in order to recreate the experience.


Disney's Photopass: Be in the Family Pictures Too!

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Ever come back from a great holiday only to discover that you’re not in any of the photos? You might be a great shutterfly, but after the effort of packing and finding the perfect travel outfits, you shouldn’t be an invisible face in the photographic memories of your trips. Disney Resorts’ Disney’s Photopass Program make it easy for you by hiring their own professional photographers in and around the parks with the Disney’s Photopass program. At many of the famous sights and locations with great vistas, you can get snapped by a pro. Ask for a free photopass, get as many photos as you want added via scanner throughout your day, and pop online later to see which ones you would like to order. (And you don’t have to look like a tourist with a huge camera around your neck all day.) Disney’s Photopass program allows you to finally be in the family pictures, too!


Teaching Kids to Ski at Northstar Resort

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Randy Bell, celebrated ski and snowboard instructor in Lake Tahoe’s Northstar Resort in California, shares his tips on teaching small children how to hit the slopes. Northstar is one of Vail Resort’s family-friendly destinations. Between the EpicMix (you can track your vertical and ski runs via computer), EpicMix Photo (free share-able pics by professionals all over the mountain) and the funky snowmobiles that shuttle kids to lifts to aid in the ease of learning – the mountain is an incredible family destination (and we’d highly recommend Randy!).

More on why it’s Epic:

EpicPass – the unlimited, unrestricted seasons pass – just one type of pass, there are number of other season pass options – every pass includes the use of
EpicMix to capture stats, vertical feet and mountains visited.

EpicMix – revolutionary technology for the ski industry, only available at Vail Resorts. Uses Radio Frequency (RF) scanners at the base of every lift, and RF technology built into every pass to capture your stats automatically as soon as you hit the slopes. No sign-up or registration required.

EpicMix photos – EpicMix photo sharing capabilities enable guests to share their on-mountain experiences.