We had the opportunity to use the studio and talents of Silvia Photography, and decided to have a ton of fun. 6 kids. 9 costumes. 3 lenses and a few all-nighters later, we created some easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids. We hope you enjoy them us much as we loved making them!

The Tin Man was probably the most challenging, and dear scarecrow’s stuffing wouldn’t stay in for long. Mt. Mummy was so easy and the Campbell’s Soup Can was as well. My favourite, though (as a former dancer) was the DIY pumpkin tutu. It was so easy to make, and, well… it even fits adult pumpkins in stilettos!

By the time Halloween rolled around, the teachers at the school, friends and nieces had already pilfered my costume cupboard – so it’s almost time to do this all again with new ideas! What do you think?best-diy-halloween-costumes

More great DIY Halloween Costume Ideas:

Tin Man
No-Sew Tutu Pumpkin
Campbell’s Soup Can
Earth Goddess
Candy Man
Starbucks Cup