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The Easy DIY Mummy Costume

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Our little mummy loved getting wrapped and tucked.  This easy DIY mummy costume took about 30 minutes and packed a punch. You could stain the cloth with black tea, but chances are that it will get pretty dirty (and chocolate covered) all on its own Hallowe’en night…

The Easy DIY Mummy Costume

– 3-4m tearable white muslin or other inexpensive fabric.
– a baselayer of white tights/pants and long-sleeved shirt for warmth and to use to tuck the cloth.
– white duct tape


The DIY Scarecrow Costume

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One of our simplest Hallowe’en ideas, the DIY Scarecrow costume takes only minutes and produces great effect.  There’s also raffia for you to use later in wrapping presents!

The DIY Scarecrow Costume


– Duct Tape (but of course)
– Slightly too-short trousers
– plaid shirt with collar
– Vest (if you don’t have one you could make one out of a dark tea towel or piece of fabric.  Simply cut in a life jacket shape.
– Hat
– Raffia


The DIY Starbucks Cup Costume

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Just in case you were worried that Starbucks was in need of more advertising and wanted to lend a hand… we have an easy DIY Starbucks cup costume idea for you.  It’s warm, perfect for hiding tons of candy and is so cute that your kids might actually get an extra haul…

The DIY Starbucks Cup Costume


– 1.5 metres of the thickest white fabric you can find.  We went to the ‘industrial’ section in the fabric store.
– 1 package of quilting batten (use it to make a quilt later)
– 1 metre of green ribbon
– white thread
– a brown paper yard waste bag
– a colour printer
– duct tape
– safety pins


How to Make a No-Sew Tutu Costume

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This huge hit is a must in any colour.  We assembled the pumpkin with a stick-on felt face, but you can do an alice-in-wonderland version with powder blue and white tuille and hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades stuck on.  I had no idea how easy it would be to make a how to make a no sew tutu. After making it I decided that I need one in black and one in white.  Witch, ice-goddess… the possibilities are endless.  And so are the dress-up games.

How to Make a No-Sew Tutu Pumpkin or Alice in Wonderland Costume

Time: 1.5 hours
Materials:      14 m tuille (we got the flourescent orange at a pre-hallowe’en sale at the local fabric store at 50% off.
1 inch elastic that is 2 inches smaller (unstretched) than the waist size you desire.
1 square black felt
thread to sew the elastic together if you prefer to do that instead of tying a knot.


How to make your home super scary for Halloween

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Quirkiness can be a great thing – especially at Hallowe’en. The best part of living in a true quirky community with lots of kids is that we all go overboard on October 31st. As part of a neighbourhood of film directors and actors, kids flock to our area to experience the wonder of the holiday. Bouncers control the crowds lining up to enter haunted mansions and adults stay in character all night. My favourite night of the year, giggles and screams can be heard for miles. The only downfall to being the scariest, quirkiest neighbourhood? We all run out of candy. But it’s worth it! Here are a few tips and tricks (he he) or making your home super scary for Halloween.

1. Stimulate the senses. Download some eerie music, hide mothballs all over the porch and cover the walkway with crunchy cereal to create a multi-sensory experience.
Scary Bars2. Halloween films playing in the background add to your character.
3. No need to spend a ton of time and money on a costume. A rumpled man’s suit, white face powder and greasy hair can go a long way. Refuse to speak and move slowly. Scary.
4. For our thespian readers, try a full scene. Sit in a rocking chair on the porch and rock rhythmically while another person creates a shadow in a window above. The humming of a sewing machine and knitting are also somehow terrifying. Or maybe that’s just me. (Don’t get me started on clowns!)
5. Serve up some scary treats. Nestle’s new Scary Bars are on our shopping list this year. Kit Kat, Scaries, Scaero and Coffin Crisp, the same delicious chocolate you know and love are all dressed up for the season!  I’m getting triple so I don’t run out… (I can chop them up and make cookies after Hallowe’en if there are leftovers. Wink.).
6. If you like the individual goody-bag idea, use surgical gloves as the bag and tie with ribbon.
7. Lighting is crucial. Glowsticks in mason jars can be placed under plants and trees for an eerie glow.
8. If you have a puppy, chances are you have some body parts from dolls lying around. Fill a jar with Barbie heads and another with assorted legs.  Liquid inside and more glowsticks perfect the image.
9. Get your kids in the mood throughout the whole day. Over the month of October we’ll be publishing lots of ‘scary’ breakfast and lunch ideas.
10. Catch the kids off guard. Maybe an entirely dark entryway has a spotlight on one item: an old-fashioned telephone that may ring when approached. (Call it from inside.) The kids may run, hide or answer.


Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Scary Bars.  All of our opinions are our own.



Drink it in for Halloween

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We happen to be completely in love with SIGG, and the designs keep getting better and better!  A favourite that will be in the trick or treat bag is this grape witch on a broom beverage container with a glow in the dark lid.  And the best part?  The witch and I will both be wearing stilettos.


How to Paint your Face for Hallowe'en

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Halloween Makeup How toOur friends at Make Up For Ever have sent along a treat just in time for the Hallowe’en transformation.  You can find tips and step-by-step instructions on becoming an underworld beauty, glampire bride, otherworld beauty, skull candy character, Hallowe’en Queen, or Mod and Monstrous creepy person in these Halloween Face Charts.  FYI – They’re pretty scary so you may want to close your eyes.


Halloween Pet Safety

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Haloween Pet SafetySafety during Halloween extends to the entire family including pets. These safety tips from PetSmart will help ensure pet parents and their pets have a safe and fun Howl-O-Ween.

·         Keep them happy. “Before having pets join in the Halloween fun, it’s important to assess whether your pet will be comfortable participating or if the festivities will cause undue stress,” says Dr. Simon Starkey, pet care expert at PetSmart. “Pets may be alarmed to find a ghost or witch at the front door so make sure there’s a quiet space away from all the activity in case your pet needs it.”

·         Make sure treats are pet friendly. Many Halloween treats are not pet-friendly, especially those containing chocolate. Make sure to choose pet-safe treats to celebrate, such as GREENIES® Dental Chews, which also keep pets’ teeth clean and ensures their breath isn’t scary.

·         Keep them safe. If you plan to walk your dog around the neighborhood in the evening, make sure they’re properly outfitted and at ease around strangers and crowds. An adult should always have control of the dog’s leash, and reflective leashes, collars or ID tags are essential accessories. Some pet costumes also offer safety features such as the glow-in-the-dark Martha Stewart Pets™ black Halloween skeleton costume.

·         Decorations without danger. Halloween decorations can be scary, but should not be dangerous. Pet parents need to make sure curious cats and dogs are unable to reach lights, decorations, candles and other festive items.


Halloween Movie Favorites

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Halloween is my family’s favorite holiday. We go crazy decorating the outside of our house with pumpkins, screaming skeletons, witches and spiders.  When we’re done. we love to curl up on the couch together and watch Halloween movies.

Here’s a list (by age group) of some of our favorite Halloween movies. (All of them can be ordered through

Ages 3 and Older

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie: It’s Halloween in the Hundred Acre Wood. Roo’s best new pal, Lumpy, is excited to trick-or-treat for the first time … until Tigger warns them about the dreaded “Gobloon.” It’s a tame movie with a great message about the importance of friendship.



Tom and Jerry: Tricks and Treats : I grew up watching Tom and Jerry cartoons and after watching this DVD, I understand why these cartoons are perfect for smaller children: there is a lot of action and the scenes aren’t too scary.  Even the frightening looking witch in the Flying Sorceress, who I thought would be a bit too much for younger children, didn’t cause too much commotion or hiding by the littlest ones. Disclosure: I received this DVD for review purposes only. I was not compensated to write a positive or favorable review.


Casper:  Three words to describe this movie: Fun, Wholesome & Entertaining (for the whole family). The movie is based on the old “Casper” comic book series about a lonely (but friendly) ghost who lives in an old, abandoned and dilapidated house with three other, less friendly, uncles (who are also ghosts): Stretch”, “Stinky” and “Fatso”. When a ghost psychiatrist and his lonely daughter move in attempt to tame the “Uncles” a fun and great story of friendship unfolds.  One word of warning: This movie is rated PG.  There is some mild language and elements that could be considered questionable for young children.  That said, our family loves this movie & our list won’t be complete if we did not mention it.  (Yes, even the 9 year old sits still during MOST of the 1½ hours.).

Ages 5-7

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:  It’s a classic and suitable for the whole family.  We never get tired of watching it.  Although I do feel bad for Linus, who waits with Sally in a pumpkin patch for the great, mythical creature to arrive as well as for Charlie Brown, whose receives only rocks in his bag, the overall movie is hilarious and deemed a classic for a reason.


Halloween Town

The great Debbie Reynolds stars as Grandmother Aggie in this Disney Classic.  The premise is based on the concept that witches, ghouls and other “creatures of the night” live in a place called Halloweentown, an alternate world.  When Grandmother Aggie visits her grand-daughter, Marnie, she reveals that Marnie’s mother, Gwen, has been hiding a secret: the children all possess supernatural powers. Once Marnie turns thirteen, her grandmother informs her that she must begin her training as a witch or lose her powers forever. Of course, a brewing crisis between good and evil in Halloweentown causes the entire family to be pulled through a portal and into an intense battle against ghouls, goblins and a warlock. This is good Disney Halloween fun with a wholesome message about the power of family, cooperation and perseverance.  The ghouls are creepy looking but aren’t likely to cause nightmares in younger family members.

Hocus Pocus

This is a fun, light hearted film about three witches that the whole family can enjoy. The setting and decoration is perfect and has that great Halloweeny feel. The film is a wonderful family treat that will delight and entertain the whole family. (Okay, one word of warning: Part of the premise is the witches need to find a “virgin” to sacrifice. I wasn’t too comfortable going into a complete explanation of the word with my, then, 7 year old. I was afraid it would ruin the flow of the movie if she asked and I just wasn’t up to it.)

Some other “Oldies But Goodies” that we are “dying” to watch this year include:

Finally, if your kids are like mine and in need of some new scares and thrills, these are a few of our stand-by Halloween favoirites:

Hopefully, you found a few titles that peak your curiosity. Did I miss your favorite Halloween movie?  Are there other titles that I should add to my family’s collection?  We’re dying to know what we missed!

Renee Keats is the US Content Editor and a writer for UrbanMommies Media. When not checking homework or carpooling to extra-curricular activities, Renee is often found scouring the internet, specifically Pinterest,  for the latest in culinary & fashion adventures.  


How To Treat Yourself to a Healthy Halloween

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Halloween can be a tricky holiday. The omnipresent candy, the festive parties, and the excited enthusiasm of costumed kids can make us go overboard on treating ourselves – especially since we can rationalize that the holiday comes but once a year.

Truly, Halloween is a good time to treat yourself and your kids – not just with a little extra candy, but also with family activities. Bob for apples, tell spooky stories, or have a mini pumpkin hunt!

Halloween definitely doesn’t have to be scary for your health. This list of tips and recipes will help you moderate the treats and avoid the tricks.


The trickiest part of Halloween is keeping yourself and your kids from going nuts over all that candy. It’s in the grocery, the drugstore, and practically pouring from every nook and cranny, all shiny in neat individual wrappers. One piece seems so small, almost harmless.

Of course, it comes in a bag with 50 or 100 other tiny “harmless” pieces. Take heart, though – we have a few ways to tackle the Halloween-candy blues while still allowing a little festive indulgence.

Handing Out Candy Without Diving Into the Bowl

1. Buy a candy brand that you don’t particularly like to eat for handing out to the trick-or-treaters. Candy corn if you’re a chocolate lover, or Milky Ways if Bit O Honey is your downfall. You’ll be more likely to leave some for the trick-or-treaters.

2. Handing out apples might lead to an egged house, nor is it PC anymore, but non-edible options like stickers or yo-yos can be good for treat bags, too. Maybe include an organic lollipop or even a mini larabar for good measure.

3. Go small. If you hand out something in really small portions like Hershey’s Kisses, not only will you be giving less sugar to the kids, but you can also enjoy a few chocolate morsels yourself without much guilt.

4. Buy better candy for yourself and your family. Have a small stash of quality chocolate, and you’ll be less likely to break into the cheaper not so satisfying stuff. For extra benefit, choose dark chocolate – it’s delicious and loaded with health promoting flavonoids. Try Nibmor, Cocoa Camino, Endangered Species, Denman Island or Green and Blacks.

Keeping Your Kids Safe from Sugar Shock

1. Eat a scrumptious, filling meal before you and your kids hit the pavement. Both of you will be less tempted to munch on candy while you go door-to-door.

2. Upon arriving home after trick-or-treating, let your kids pick out 5 or 6 pieces of candy to enjoy that night. Then pop their bag in a hidden spot. They won’t be able to eat it as fast. Younger kids may also forget about their stash altogether – out of sight, out of mind.

2. After Halloween, ration out the candy as you see fit, OR…

3. Buy the remainder candy off them. Your kids might be happy to trade their hard-earned candy for cold cash, a new toy, or a promise of a trip to the zoo!

Fall Foods

Rich in fall flavors, these recipes are sure to keep you and your guests in the Halloween spirit:

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
Fall Quinoa

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Article by Alyssa Schottland-Bauman,