Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a good savoury sage stuffing. I’ve been using this recipe for years and it’s a winner every time.

Savoury Sage Stuffing Ingredients:

2 loaves of white bread with a nice crust on it. (take off crust and tear into small pieces/ inside as well but keep it separate)
1 large onion diced small
1 qts. cream
1 qt. milk
1 pt. chicken stock
1 cloves garlic (pounded to a paste)
6 ribs of celery (diced)
4 tbs. flour
4 tbs. butter
3 bay leaf ground
1 tsp. Bell’s Poultry Seasoning
3 tbs. salt

Savoury Sage Stuffing Method:

Soak inside of bread in the milk and stock, while you soak the crust in the cream.

Melt butter and add all veggies/garlic included and flour, salt and spices. Saute until you start getting some color on your veg. Pour mixture over your inside bread stuffing and mix.Next, work the crust into the big mix (inside stuffing and veg). bake in baking dish in oven at 400 for an hour covered. Half way through pull out and press down your stuffing mix. 

Photo: Williams Sonoma. Their cookware makes us drool!!