This holiday season I’m determined to give thoughtful and kind gifts. Most websites charge crazy prices for shipping, take forever to fabricate a product and even longer to arrive. So, if you’re a last-minute gift shopper (ahem), personalized treasures often fall by the wayside. I was introduced to PhotoBox, a website where you can upload photos and go far past simple prints and books. In my hunt for thoughtful grandparent gifts, I discovered pillows that you can print photos on!

In addition to the fantastic pillow I ordered (3, actually), you can print photos on iPhone, Samsung and iPad cases, make retro canvases, pantone photo books, posters, mugs and calendars.

Thoughtful Grandparent GiftsDesigning the pillow was easy, as I’d done a photoshoot with the kids at Silvia Photography. They couldn’t have looked cuter in Redfish Kids clothes, but they certainly were imps in the studio, as you can gather from the photos. So that the pillows fit your decor, there are three each of four different styles, and I chose a modern one with eight spots for pictures. After dragging and dropping the photographs, I cropped and edited each, clicked ‘Save’ and then order. Not only must they be swamped with Black Friday Sale orders – but the pillows will be shipped in three days with under $9 in postage! Even with my usual last-minute tendencies there would be enough time for a quick order.

The only regret I have is that all of the grandparents won’t be together during the holidays so I won’t be able to see their faces as they open their treasures. Hmmm.. maybe I should give them all a GoPro as well..

Disclosure: This article was made possible by PhotoBox. But they could never make us say nice things if we didn’t genuinely adore the site, service and products.