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Staying healthy for school

Staying Healthy for School and Playtime

FAM, health By February 5, 2019 1 Comment

I love a morning that runs smoothly, without having to apologize to the school administrator for being late or absent! Some days, organizing breakfast, lunches and ensuring homework gets put properly in the backpack can be stressful. This is even more the case if there are sniffles, coughs, and the constant requests to stay home from school due to illness. Colds and flu put a monkey wrench into the lives of every family. The good news is that there is an easy way to reduce the disruption! In a new clinical study, children age 4 – 12 years old who took Echinaforce Junior reported 33% fewer cold and flus. Sign me up!

Learning about clean water with Thomas and Friends

Learning Made Fun With Thomas And Friends

health By November 17, 2018 No Comments

This post is sponsored by Mattel, but all opinions are my own.

Every year on the first day of school we ask our son what he wants to be when he grows up. His answer varies from year to year as he grows and as his imagination and vision of what could be possible expands. Whatever he decides to be, as his mom I hope he grows up to make the world a better place.


Is It Time To Treat?

health By October 30, 2018 No Comments

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

With Halloween fast approaching, you may have trick-or-treating on the brain. I know my kids do! We love this time of year. But if a nasty fall cold, upset stomach or ragweed allergy has you stuck inside, the time to treat may be now.

Many of us like to think we’re pretty tough (especially if we’ve lived through a couple Canadian winters!), but knowing when to treat minor ailments and symptoms at home is an important part of self-care. If you’re not sure if it’s time to reach for the medicine cabinet, read on! It’s important to know what the experts have to say about how to know when you need to get treatment.

10-year smoke and CO alarms

Keeping my Mom Safe

FAM, health By October 10, 2018 No Comments

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by First Alert. But you really should read it because the safety information could be life-changing and I really believe in helping keep families safe.

How many times have you burned toast only to have your smoke alarm scream for fresh air? And what about those dinner parties when every burner is going and you use an umbrella to bash at the button to silence the alarm whilst guests are en route and dinner becomes overdone? Maybe that’s just me. But you know what is also me? The person, in those situations, who just takes the smoke alarm off the ceiling and pops out the batteries. And then forgets to replace them and put it back up.


Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

health By April 24, 2018 No Comments

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

It’s April and New Year’s Resolution days are long behind us. The good news is you don’t have to wait for a new year to start some healthy habits. You can start any time!  Try adding some healthy habits to your daily life that could improve your health – and you can start today.  It’s as easy as doing one or two things differently every day to build healthy habits to take better care of yourself.


Water Saving 101 – World Water Day

charity, health By March 22, 2018 No Comments

Today is World Water Day and I want to talk about the many different ways you can get involved. Whether you’re wanting to donate to a good cause, or simply looking for ways to conserve water at home, you can make a difference!

Did you know that 844 million people are living without access to clean water? As of 2017, more people owned a cellular phone than a toilet. We’re living in a world where every 90 seconds, a child dies from a water related disease and over 1,000,000 people die annually from water and sanitation diseases. Living in communities where access to water is plentiful, sometimes we’re sheltered to the limitations in our neighbouring countries. The good news – doing your part is easy!

Mom and daughter gardening in the spring

Spring Has Sprung – Four Signs Spring Has Arrived

health By March 20, 2018 2 Comments

We can all identify the subtle signs of spring – birds chirping, longer days and blooming flowers. Floral patterns are starting to appear on dresses in shop windows. The warmer weather signifies a fresh start with more time outdoors, bringing your garden back to life, and of course, spring cleaning! While these telltale signs are positive for the most part, it’s common to feel unprepared when the new season comes so quickly. Time flies when you’re busy raising kids! If you watch closely, you can see the signs spring has arrived.


A Letter to Myself Before Becoming a Mother

health By November 21, 2017 No Comments

I remember finding out I was going to be a mother. I headed straight to the store for Every. Possible. Book. Surely hours of reading would prepare me for pregnancy and then the years ahead with children. I was freaked out. My body was changing and somehow I thought that if I owned the most popular baby products and got on the Mother Goose registration list early, then everything would fall into place and be PERFECT. This was not the case.

Looking back now, I wish I had been able to read a letter of guidance from an older me.


Healthy Life Hacks

health By November 8, 2017 No Comments

Why do I need a ‘hack’ to live a healthy life? Because life is far too busy, and if I want to do something the long, hard, laborious way – I want it to be something I am truly passionate about. Regretfully, I like cooking better than sleeping, and I like reading to my kids more than measuring every nutrient I consume. ‘Hacks’ are trendy for a reason – they are a fast and effective way to reach the goals that matter. While I value my health and enjoy exercise – a few ‘hacks’ help me to focus on what matters most.


5 Solutions to Common Holiday Season Health Woes

health By November 6, 2017 No Comments

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

Christmas is coming – it’s coming up so fast! Pretty soon your calendar is going to be full of parties, dinners and time with family and friends. It’s easy to get caught up in the all the “stuff” that comes with the season and lose track of the things that really matter – like our health. There are many things that can get in the way and put our holiday bliss at risk.

Here’s what to watch for and some tips to help you stay on track: