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Ear Infections in Children

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Each year many young children are diagnosed with middle ear infections – or otitis media.  Typical symptoms that occur with otits media include fever, ear ache and irritability. Many times these infections become recurrent and parents are forced to make several trips to the child’s physician to get treatment.  Parents often want to decrease their child’s suffering and may be quick to administer antibiotics to do so.  Although the use of antibiotics is warranted in some situations, they often do not address the root cause of the problem.  The use of antibiotics can leave the child more susceptible to other types of infections as bacteria become resistant to drugs.  Side effects of antibiotics can include digestive upset leading to diarrhea, gas and tummy ache.  In many instances, the ear infection is not due to bacteria, but due to a virus, which antibiotics will not be useful in eliminating.


It’s Your Child’s Health – Get Involved!

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As a new parent, you try to make sure your child gets enough sleep, is well nourished, and sees a doctor for regular check-ups. If you are like many parents, your primary concern has been your child’s health, starting the moment you found out you were pregnant.  And as a new parent, now may be the time to think about healthcare in a whole new light.


Sunglasses to Protect Children’s Eyes

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For most children, summer months mean long hours of play outside in the sunshine. But a few months in the sun can lead to compromised eye health later on if proper UV protection isn’t part of children’s summer routines. The British Columbia Association of Optometrists urges parents to foster good UV eye-protection habits in their children at an early age by encouraging them to wear sunglasses all summer long. Even babies and toddlers should be wearing sunglasses when outdoors.

Getting Back into Shape Postpartum

Getting Back into Shape Postpartum

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As excited as new moms are about the birth of their baby, they also can’t believe the body that’s been left behind. Our round, voluptuous body that seemed so beautiful while pregnant is completely transformed! What makes matters worse is that new moms 1) don’t have time to do traditional exercise and 2) shouldn’t be dieting.

drinking breastfeeding

Drinking Alcohol and Breastfeeding

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Women are often warned to not consume alcohol during pregnancy, as ample evidence has shown that it poses a severe and avoidable risk to her unborn baby. The risks of drinking and breastfeeding are not as well defined. (And let’s face it.  You were so good for 9 months.  How long before you can really enjoy the Veuve?)  Breastfeeding mothers receive conflicting advice about whether alcohol and breastfeeding can have an effect on their baby, which often leaves mothers feeling like they have more questions than answers. So, what information should a mother who is considering drinking while breastfeeding know? Instead of being all judgy, we’ve outlined the prevalent research and you can make your own informed decision.