What better summer activity than a night outside watching a film? Friends, snacks, pillows and blankets with your very own private big screen.

Backyard Movie ScreenI remember my grandparents pulling out the slides and a cumbersome screen, but I never dreamed that I could host a backyard movie night and stream Netflix or play a DVD onto a white bed sheet in my backyard.

Springree NetflixAs a Springfree Trampoline ambassador, I learned some pretty neat tricks – like being able to draw with chalk on the surface of our new toy, or pop a sprinkler underneath to cool off as we were bouncing. To up the ante even further, Springfree has put together a fabulous ‘How to Host a Movie Night’ using your trampoline as the structure from which to hang your screen. A few zipties, some string, a sheet, and BAM. Here’s a DIY Movie Screen Tutorial on how to transform your trampoline into a theatre!

Benq ProjectorWe used a BENQ projector attached (with a lightening cable) to my Mac laptop and the picture was crystal clear.

Backyard Movie Night SnacksI did a segment for CTV on kid-friendly snacks and games for a backyard outdoor movie night, and for our party I used fresh blueberries, popcorn in individual bags, blueberry iced tea (guess what’s in season!) and a few other less-healthy treats.

The only problem? What to watch! I think we’ll be keeping the sheet up for most of the summer so all of the neighbourhood kids get to enjoy their movie picks!

Disclosure: I am a Springfree ambassador and I LOVE the trampoline! All opinions are my own.

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DIY Backyard Movie Night