It’s May and while we are supposed to be seeing earlier sunrises and spring blooms, the weather has been horrible. Mayvember. Daily rain, with grey skies and chilly air are not a recipe for wanting to jump out of bed at an early hour. Apparently, though, track and field begins in the spring and the hardcore teachers facilitating the 7am practices didn’t receive the ‘raincheck’ memo. I try so hard to teach the kids not to quit things, and me not wanting to drive in wet weather wouldn’t set a very good example!

philips-wakeupI remember when the boys were smaller, and a 5am start to the day was the norm. I couldn’t imagine, back then, that there would be a time when they could sleep until ten. My kids are not morning people. We always want what we don’t have. (Remember when you were 16 and you thought you were overweight?!)

Sick of being late for school and track practices, I devised a plan. I’d tested the Philips Wake-up Light (model HF3505_50) in my own room, but selfishly never considered getting them for the boys as well. Independent research shows that 92% of Philips Wake-up light users find it is easier to get out of bed in the morning. PLEASE let my kids be in that percentage! The light gradually changes so even when it is dark and there is pouring rain outside, the light mimics a beautiful sunrise.


It worked beautifully.

Because there are gentle sounds that accompany the Wake-up Light, I discovered that I had to set the alarm for a few minutes earlier than I normally would with a shrill bell tone. After two weeks, the boys were both not only waking on time, but their morning moods were so much improved that I felt like a better Mom because I was nagging far less, and my stress level had declined!

Now that we are all up at an early hour, feeling refreshed, my next grand plan is to start working out in the morning! (Once the weather improves of course..)

Disclosure: This post was made possible by Philips. I edited this in the evening so there should be minimal typos. All opinions are our own, and I look forward to becoming a morning person soon.