My kids are big and active, but it seems like not so long ago they were just babies. I listen to their excited voices talking about the holiday season and I remember before they could speak, when I would delight in holding them close and rocking them in my arms to help them off to sleep. Bedtime can still be challenging some days, but I remember how they felt in my arms, how their skin smelled, what it felt like to feel their chests expand and contract as they breathed deep in slumber. I recall looking at their perfect little faces and thinking, “I want to remember this.”

I knew one day they would be big and I wouldn’t be able to hold them like that forever, but in that moment, life felt so good. The warmth of  a maternal embrace, the soft sounds they would make and the sense that I was holding near me a perfect little life that I had created. I would savour that time, and then slide them gently into cribs so they could continue their dreams peacefully (and maybe I could too!)

SNOO is the first smart sleeper – and the safest baby bed ever made.

SNOO was invented by renowned pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, with world leading designer, Yves Behar, and MIT-trained engineers. Its groundbreaking technology helps infants and parents get the sleep they need. 

With a robotic system, SNOO quickly boosts sleep and automatically responds to crying with increasing levels of sound and womb-like motion, often soothing upsets in seconds.

SNOO’s swaddle keeps babies on the back all night long, the safest position for sleep.

Wondering where you can get one?

SNOO is sold exclusively at in Canada.