Now’s a great time to get organized, and one thing that should never be put off is the creation of your home emergency kit.  You and your kids can use the opportunity to plan escape routes, compile vital information and pull out the globe to talk about parts of the world that are currently experiencing natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, drought and fire.  You could even use the opportunity to practice charitable giving by sorting out piggy bank funds and making a donation to a group who is currently in need.  After your kit is assembled, make sure everyone in the family knows where it is located and every time you take something out, be sure to put it back.

1.  Large waterproof box to store these supplies
2.  First aid kit: at least two pairs of latex gloves, sterile gauze pads, scissors, tweezers, adhesive bandages, pain relievers, cold medications, antiseptic cream, alcohol wipes, cleansing agent, burn ointment, thermometer, eye wash, prescription medication (if anyone in the family uses one daily with dosage information), allergy medication, and a first aid manual.
3.  Swiss army knife
4.  Gas-powered camp stove
5. Sanitizing Hand wipes
6.  Paper towels
7.  Simple puzzles/card games
8.  Non perishable food: granola bars, canned juices, soup, bottled water, peanut butter, crackers – most experts recommend enough for the whole family for 3 days but we upped it to a week to be on the safe side.
9.  Plates, utensils, other feeding supplies (pots)
10.  Heavy work gloves
11.  Self-powered flashlights with extra batteries
12. Self-powered radio
13.  Maps
14.  Paper, pen, permanent marker
15.  Emergency blanket or sleeping bag
16.  Large heavy duty plastic bag
17.  Personal hygiene items: toilet paper, feminine supplies, oral care
18.  Extra keys to house and vehicle
19.  Duct tape, plastic sheet, tools, bungee cords, rope
20.  Old prescription glasses
21.  Rain poncho
22.  Copy of important documents and phone numbers
23.  Whistle, dust mask
24.  Emergency cash
25.  Loveys or comfort objects for the kids
26.  Mace
27.  Candles and waterproof matches
28. Insect Repellant
29.  Suntan Lotion
30.  Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
31.  Solar cell phone charger
32.  Manual can-opener