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Potty Training Guide

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Are you ready to do the “Potty Training Dance”? Or, maybe the question is: is your toddler ready to do the “Potty Dance”?  There is controversy on every step of potty training, from whether or not to use pull-ups to when your child is ready to start. Everyone has their own advice on how to potty train your child, however it is you, and essentially your child, who will make the decision on when, where and how the potty training process will happen.



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Bedwetting is also known as nocturnal enuresis. This is a common problem in children and it is really a source of great concern for many parents especially when they expect their children to learn potty training and stay dry at night at a very tender age. This condition is quite complex with medical, physiologic, and behavioural causes; and to some extent environmental issues may be all responsible for it. Genetics is also implicated in the cause of this condition in children. Studies have indicated that there is a high chance of a child to bed wet if any of the parents did the same. There is actually no specific reason of cause for this condition in children.