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Crystal Symphony Gets a Makeover

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When Crystal Symphony got a makeover, we knew it would be spectacular. We were given the chance to tour Crystal Cruises‘ new $15 million renovation of the Symphony and we were blown away. Crystal offers an all-inclusive experience, helping guests to be able to truly relax without worrying about tips and beverage charges. The recipient of the Conde Nast award for best cruise line 20 years in a row, Crystal has adapted to changing demographics and passenger needs (the average passenger age is 47) by relaxing the dress code, though you will still see loads of tuxes. Menus have also undergone a fresh makeover, with modern cuisine left side of and the traditional on the right.  The only luxury cruise line to offer children and teen areas, I found the design of these spaces fresh and innovative.

Crystal Cruises Ballet StatueOnboard there are 2 specialty restaurants – the Silk Road Sushi bar and Italian and guests can reserve these spaces twice per trip. The gym has been refit with new equipment by techno gym (the same machines that World Cup teams use to train.) 

Edie Rodriguez, President and CEO of Crystal Cruises, started with the company in 2013 but loved ships so much that she came aboard a cruise anonymously prior to her tenure. The staff wowed her with their memory of guest names and their attention to her unique breakfast desires. In time she heard stories of one staff member ordering a recliner for a guest to fulfil a need, and many crew members who have accompanied passengers ashore for medical treatment. Aspiring to be across the globe, Rodriguez has big plans for the company, adding a third ship in 2018 and gearing up to celebrate Crystal’s anniversary in July.

The unique tours for late risers, bespoke adventures and voluntourism opportunities while aboard were very exciting and it was clear that innovation with a perfect balance of tradition flood from every Crystal experience.

Trident Bar and GrillThe bright Trident Bar and Grill speckled with lime green umbrellas and orange cushions featured a living wall in the shape of the earth.

University @ SeaComputer University @ Sea began 20 years ago and allows passengers to create websites, hone their computer skills and share details of their journey with loved ones back home. Every computer can run a PC or Mac interface. They also offer iPad and iMovie classes.

Teen lounge Crystal SymphonyThe “teens only” hang-out Waves features new Casalina chairs and Marimekko-patterned Fatboy bean bags, and Fantasia has been redesigned for younger kids. All enjoy Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, Kinect, wide-screen TVs, and supervised age-specific activities.

Cigar loungeI loved the smell and opulence of the cigar lounge.
Lux Nightclub Crystal SymphonyWith it’s vibrant purple hues and while leather seating, Luxe Nightclub would be a fantastic place to dance!

Crystal Symphony StateroomStaterooms were huge for ship standards, and the decor clean and lofty. Deck 9 has ‘pure’ rooms in which everything is hypoallergenic.

I certainly would love to cruise with my family on this ship – perhaps my son can use the gym equipment and fulfill his dream of being in a World Cup one day!



Marimekko Memory Game

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Forget Instamatch and online gaming.  This tangible Marimekko memory game will verse your child in design as well as sharpening their little brain.  Putting a new spin on an old classic, this Memory Game by Marimekko is sure to become a family favorite for games night with its beautifully designed circular tile pieces.

This memory game features a selection of Marimekko’s own textile designs, from their iconic Unikot print, to playful Cars.  We’re so in love with the patterns, we may just have to practice lots.