There’s nothing as soft as baby skin. Especially if you are washing your diapers, throwing a few wipes into the laundry isn’t a big deal. When my kids were small I would fill a thermos coffee dispenser daily with warm water and always have cloths as baby wipes.  This Natural Homemade Baby Wipe Recipe would have made things even easier!

Natural Homemade Baby Wipe Recipe

Take a handful of dates and a handful of almonds and whirl in a food processor until finely ground. Add in handfuls of coconut, seeds (pumpkin, sesame, flax), 3 T cocoa powder, plus 1 T honey or maple syrup. Then drizzle in  2 T water while blending until it forms a paste you can roll. Then roll into balls and roll these in coconut, flax meal, sesame seeds or cocoa powder!
You can also add nut butters, dried apricot or any other flavours you wish.
Recipe courtesy of Sarah Juliusson, Birth Your Business
Hemp cloth wipes (shown) available through Curly Monkey on Etsy.