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I really don’t like cold food. Hence, I’m a soup girl, but sometimes I force myself to eat salads. Lately I’ve discovered excellent dressings and stunning salad presentation, so it’s more of a game. Challenge accepted! Having been fortunate enough to travel to the Caribbean, the flavours of this salad help bring a taste of the islands back home with me.

Coronation Chicken

I often eat this salad in the company of Brits, and invariably, a fight ensues. Some argue its’ Caribbean origins and the British claim it as their own. It’s definitely coronation chicken! No, old chap. It’s Caribbean! Incredibly amusing to watch. Wherever you stand on the origins, it is delicious. I have so many great memories in the south, supporting the Sandals Foundation, having a blast at Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos, and going off the beaten path in Montego Bay,  It’s like a culinary souvenir, of sorts. For me, this dish embodies the taste of adventure.

Packed with Colour and Protein

This salad is perfect for summer potlucks and family gatherings to bring a little something exotic to the table when we are at home and far away from the hot sun, surf and sandy beaches. One of my favourite things about this salad is how engaging and colourful it is.  Like our vacations, there’s nothing boring about this salad (but you don’t need a passport to enjoy it!)  The colours remind me of exploring the islands and the hues of the local blossoming flowers and the beauty of the majestic island sunsets. With the inclusion of the tasty chicken, it’s easy to make this a meal salad all on its own or it can complement your ideal island-inspired buffet at your backyard barbecue. I hope you love it as much as I do. Bon appetit and enjoy the flavours of the island!


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