We’ve all been there.  School is out and the days can get long!  Children tend to need a little push in the right direction to stay occupied and continue their learning and play during the summer months.  Here are a few ideas for activities that will make memories and keep them busy!

1.  Use those shells/beach treasures to make a wreath (we love using a foam floatation device, cutting it in half and making an inexpensive wreath form by joining the ends with duct tape).
2.  Make a kite
3.  Make an at home bubble mixture
4.  Sidewalk chalk murals
5.  Homemade playdough – or our Goop recipe!
6.  Bake a kid-friendly recipe and let them decorate with icing
7.  Let each child pick a plant to grow and take care of the whole summer – they can paint the flowerpot
8.  Vacation memory jars
9.  A sidewalk stand: organic veggies, paintings or flower bouquets can be a great alternative to lemonade
10.  Watermelon carving.  (Cut another one in half and hollow it out to create a ‘watermelon punch bowl’ for refreshments as the kids carve.)
11.  Make paper boats and stage a sail past
12.  Gather wildflowers and press them in old books.  (Try to get them to read a bit as you do it!)
13.  Make signs, curtains and table linens for the tree/play house
14.  Create a treasure hunt map then hide little goodies at each location
15.  Summer journal: you can add photos, mementos and have the kids practice writing all summer long