Every child loves bubbles.  Here is a simple recipe for endless hours of summer fun!2 cups water
1/2 cup liquid dish soap (Dawn or Joy seem to work best)
1/8 cup corn syrup
large container for mixing
Tools:A basic wire loop– Take a short piece of thin but stiff wire and form a loop in it about 4 cm  in diameter. Dip into the bubble solution and gently blow.

Drinking straws make good bubble blowers.

The big bubble loop – Slide two drinking straws onto a piece of string about 1 meter long. Tie off the ends to form a loop. Hold the straws apart to form a big rectangle. Bring the straws together to close the rectangle and dunk it into a bucket of bubble juice.  Voila!!

If you can find a large jar with a spout at the bottom you can leave your bubbles outside to create a refill station!