We asked Moms on our Facebook Fan page and Twitter about the cutest mispronunciations their children have uttered.  And we had to share the results.  It should brighten your day.

1.  ‘gra-noculars’ instead of ‘binoculars’.
2.  yew nork!
3.  pah-sketti!
4.  “Oak” meal. (Oatmeal)
5.  Cheh-pet (instead of ketchup).
6.  kershamol (commercial)
7.  Mr ghetti (spaghetti)
8.  minished! instead of finished. i still say it even though he’s outgrown it.
9.  i used to say “missmiss” [for christmas] – 35 years later + my dad still teases me about it 😛
10.  Guacamonkey!
11.  ‎”Can we go to Ole McDonald’s?”
12.  Wook (look)
13.  Tim Horton hears a who!
14.  Poorhead (instead of forehead)
15.  Flus-sh*#. She meant flush it.
16.  There are so many funny ones I just can’t remember them all… hambulance = ambulance. My favourite is listening to the wrong/mixed up lyrics in the car. It kills me everytime!
17.  Furnace…..actually means Thermos. Mummy can I have soup in my furnace tomorrow?
18.  The funniest I’ve heard was from a little one I used to babysit, he used to say he liked to eat crap, instead of crab. Lol.
19.  dumb shit = drumstick….we even have it recorded
20.  Beegurt (yogurt) I want some beeegurt!
21.  Exact-a-dentally for accidentally. He’s 6 and still says it. I know I’ll miss it when it’s gone.
22.  I’m not hungry, just drinky!
23.  hunormous
24.  ‘bafuter’ for computer
25.  My son used to call pit bulls “pimples” as in “Look Mommy, there’s a pimple dog!”

Feel free to add your own in the comments section.  See?  Parenting is SO worth it!!!