Wondering what to with all the ripe and delicious tomatoes you harvested from your garden this year? Tired of canning your tomatoes whole or making the same old boring pasta sauce? Making the same thing all the time with tomatoes can get boring, but when you live on an island like me, you need to be able to maximize the produce from your gardens.

Whatever you can grow and make at home means less to haul over on a barge from the mainland. It’s also a smaller carbon footprint because my ketchup doesn’t have to travel all the way to me from a factory. It’s grown in my garden and made in my house and I feel good about making such an eco-friendly choice. It’s also easier on packaging, as I can put it in my own jars or containers for reuse. It’s about reducing the drain on the environment and reusing what we already have at our disposal.

The apron I’m wearing in the video came from Barcelona and I just love it. It’s so comfortable and versatile and I think it just suits me perfectly. Such a lovely memento to treasure from an amazing trip!

I do a regular Facebook live show on the Facebook page and this episode shows everyone how to make homemade chipotle ketchup that will last up to two months in the fridge (longer in the freezer) that your family can enjoy all season long. Better flavours, longer shelf life. Your gourmet hamburgers and crispy french fries will thank you! Happy cooking! You can find the recipe for this delightful spread here. It came from Foolproof Preserving: A Guide to Small Batch Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Condiments & More and it’s so delicious. Tell me what you think once you’ve made it for yourself! Good luck!