Do you enjoy cooking up fun? I love spending quality time in my kitchen, cooking, baking, adapting recipes and trying new things with my family. It makes my heart happy to put out delicious food for guests. I love entertaining and feeding my family -whether it’s experimenting with things like Chipotle Ketchup or making a family favourite recipe. I also love my Netflix. Here are some fun food related choices on Netflix that I thought you might enjoy:

The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Real people, real cooking, real fun. Families compete to be crowned Britain’s best home cooks. I love families cooking together and unscripted, reality TV is always an adventure.


This Netflix series looks at food through the lens of the four elements. It is a look at history and the human relationship with food and food preparation. This totally appeals to my food nerd brain and is a different look at something we do every day – eat and cook! So many times in life we do things reflexively without contemplating the larger meaning. COOKED looks to change that.

Chef’s Table

Netflix takes a look behind the scenes of gourmet kitchens led by genius chefs to pick their brains about food. See from the perspective of a master what makes food great and delight in the luxury of fine foods prepared in fine kitchens.

The Mind of A Chef

This is described as an “intelligent show about cooking.” The thoughts of top chefs around the world are explored – combining my passions of travel and food into a tidy package of yum! Global flavour ideas make coast to coast delicious.

Food lovers unite, in the kitchen, on Netflix and around the table and enjoy cooking up fun. Let me know which ends up being your favourite!

Do you enjoy cooking up fun? Netflix has some great choices for shows that celebrate food, fun and fancy. Check out these great cooking shows.